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    Ada wong re4 remake face model The codename for a mysterious nameless Asian-American spy is Ada Wong. She has developed a reputation in the business world for being able to handle the most challenging requests and critical situations guiltlessly.


    Wong has worked behind the scenes of numerous biohazard occurrences, gathering information that has helped a number of organizations while also working to discredit them. Wong, however, has frequently deceived the organizations and clients she is linked with in order to pursue her own “real mission” and solely follows it.

    Ada Wong Re4 Remake Face Model Bio

    Panda Atlanta

    Wong’s private life is completely unknown. Her birth name, as well as her race and country of origin, are unknown, as are her date and place of birth.

    According to one narrative by Wong herself, she was born in the Ch Ln neighborhood of Saigon, approximately 1974, to a rich Chinese-Vietnamese family during the last months of the Vietnam War. With the Fall of Saigon, discrimination against the Hoa spread because of class differences. Wong’s family sold what assets they had left to human traffickers when she was three years old in order to get to America, but they were duped and arrived with little to live on. The veracity of this account is in doubt, though, as Wong would subsequently claim that it was made up to see how credulous Leon S. Kennedy was.


    Ada Wong joined many international criminal organizations as a young adult and took part in both domestic and foreign activities. On one of her tasks, Wong was tasked with applying highly poisonous pesticides to a potato farm while working among a group of undocumented migrant workers who were living in a run-down pig pen. The remaining workers were compelled to manually bury the dead after numerous workers perished on the job.

    Wong had risen to a favored position inside a Chinese-American criminal organization by the middle of the 1990s. Due to the brutal killing of their rivals, this organization had explosive success, but the power vacuum that resulted immediately caught the notice of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who shut down their operations and once more sent Wong on the run.

    Wong was then approached by Albert Wesker, who was looking to hire her to work for a potent bioweapons corporation known as “the Organization” that had been searching for top-notch espionage agents, particularly in their rivalry with the potent global conglomerate: Umbrella Corporation. Wesker saw Wong’s potential arrest by the authorities as a “waste of talent,” and he attempted to recruit her.

    Due to Wong’s cunning personality and refusal to reveal her true identity, the Organization first doubted her devotion, but after Wesker’s support, they decided she would be a great fit for the position. Derek C. Simmons, a member of the secret fraternity The Family who abused his position as a senior government official to advance his political goal, was a key contact that Wong established around the same time. Wong took on a number of freelance jobs for him, but their professional relationship quickly turned tense as Simmons started to exhibit obsessive tendencies toward her.

    Embezzlement of Umbrella

    Wong was given the task of infiltrating the Arklay Laboratory, an Umbrella USA facility heavily involved in the creation of illicit bioweapons, in the early 1997s. She was hired using false credentials and soon began dating Dr. John Clemens, the facility’s head researcher, in order to collect sensitive information that would help the competing organization. In order to show his devotion to them, Clemons even recorded his username and password at the lab as “John” and “Ada.” If Wong was present during the May 1998 t-Virus outbreak, as suggested and a letter was written at the time of his death, she may have managed to go unnoticed because the facility’s U.S.S. guards were under instructions to put those who tried to flee to death.


    When Umbrella were still at their most vulnerable, in September 1998, the organization’s attention moved to getting a sample of Dr. William Birkin’s Golgotha Virus. To retrieve this virus, Wong and another agent were dispatched to the city. The mission headed by Wesker, himself a former Umbrella researcher who was now in debt to the organization. Ben Bertolucci, a freelance investigative journalist, was identified as another person who may have information on the virus and the NEST laboratory that created it. Dr. Annette Birkin and Police Chief Brian Irons had taken exception to his examination of the city, and he was soon incarcerated in the Raccoon Police Station as a modified t-Virus strain breakout decimated the city’s infrastructure at the end of September.

    On Tuesday, September 29, Wong entered the police station in search of Bertolucci. She discovered that the facility had been overrun by zombies, and that Leon S. Kennedy, a rookie police officer, was the sole remaining uninfected survivor. Wong utilized a cover for her assignment in order to keep it secret. Wong claimed to be searching for Clemens in one account and an FBI agent in another, searching for evidence of Umbrella USA’s unlawful bioweapons operation. Whatever the cause, Bertolucci’s information was insufficient, and a mutation soon killed him. Working with Kennedy, who was seeking for a way out of the city, Wong decided to keep exploring for NEST.

    Panda Atlanta

    During the early hours of Wednesday, September 30, Wong successfully traveled underground into the Arklay Mountains and arrived at NEST. Even while it’s unclear exactly what transpired at the lab, we do know that Wong was hurt and thought to be dead. According to one narrative, she attempted to steal a Golgotha sample that Kennedy had retrieved when she was shot by Dr. Birkin and fell down a pit. In another, T-00, a T-103 Tyrant also sent to retrieve the virus, threw her into a terminal. Whichever the case, the facility quickly started to tear itself apart after a self-destruct device was activated, forcing Wong to flee. She used an anti-tank launcher to protect Kennedy from T-00 when she was traveling. It’s unclear exactly how she got out of the facility, but it seems like she entered the city again through the sewers. She was successful in leaving with a tissue fragment shed from Birkin’s bones, despite the fact that she was unable to find another Golgotha sample.

    The wounded Wong eventually entered Raccoon City in the early hours of Thursday, October 1. Wong traveled to the Apple Inn as directed by her original orders to meet up with her contact. But when she entered the room, she discovered that the man had already killed himself out of desperation. Dr. Wesker expressed disappointment about her mission failure while watching on a webcam. He probably had access to the NEST feed because he was aware of Kennedy and was willing to let her die. She was ultimately saved by the tissue piece, and he informed her that the city would soon be destroyed by a missile attack and that her only chance of survival was to use a hook shot to crash an Umbrella chopper. She accepted Wesker’s orders despite having doubts about his intentions when he saved her. Wong struggled to reach the overpass but Tyrant R slowed her down. Wong was successful in escaping once the Tyrant was killed, and the city was promptly destroyed.

    When she returned from Raccoon City, the task in the city became a constant evaluation for her, gaining the Organization’s respect and valuing her as an asset. Yet, then she would ever admit, the experiences had a far greater impact on me. She made an effort to move on and tried to perceive her attachment to Kennedy as being more a part of her Wong “character” than herself as she attempted to heal from the wounds she received during her time in the city. She realized Simmons was simply too dangerous a person to be associated with and terminated all links with him after learning that he was in charge of the organization and planning of the “Sterilization Operation,” or the bombing.

    Los Iluminados
    Panda Atlanta

    Wong was sure that Wesker had been working against the Organization after learning that he had been holding covert meetings with TRICELL’s African division in 2004. Wesker’s seniority, however, put her own position within the Organization in jeopardy. Due to a breach by one of its senior experts, Dr. Luis Sera, the Organization learned about a Los Iluminados bioweapons R&D project in Spain thanks to Wong. Las Plagas, a parasitic organism, was used in an effort to transform people into useful puppets. Wesker, however, decided to send Jack Krauser, one of his own followers, on the quest to find a “Dominant species Plaga”—a parasite that could command the others without taking control of the host’s consciousness. The Organization took advantage of Krauser’s failure to deliver a parasite sample in time and persuaded Wesker to include Wong in the mission as well.

    Wong’s goal when he arrived at a community where residents had been infected by the parasite was to gather as much information as he could on the Plagas there. When she learned Kennedy was nearby, this connection was postponed. He was looking for Ashley Graham, president Graham’s daughter, who had been kidnapped by Krauser on behalf of Osmund Saddler, the man in command of the bio-weapons program, after being recruited by the US government as a spy. The locals turned away from Wong as he rang the bell at the nearby church, drawing their attention.

    Wesker got in touch with Wong shortly after Sera left to meet her with the Dominant species sample, letting her know that Sera had been taken prisoner and was being held in a neighboring house. Knowing where to look for him, Wong went to a run-down area of the community and discovered Kennedy and Sera being executed by a group of villagers under the direction of the parish priest, Fr. Bitores Méndez. She followed the group and arrived at Méndez’s house just in time to save Kennedy from being killed, but while doing so, she was taken into custody by the locals and put unconscious by a tranquilizer dart. Wong awoke in the middle of the night to see herself dead on a stone slab, ready to be murdered as a sacrifice. After Wong was able to rouse her keepers, she headed back to the village and eventually came across Sera. But when he was apprehended, he didn’t have the sample with him, so he left her with nothing while he went in search of it.



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