All Factions In Mount And Blade II Bannerlord


    All factions in mount and blade ii bannerlord As it gets closer to a complete release, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord looks better than ever. Like its predecessors, it’s now among the most stunning RPGs available since it allows players to be anything in their medieval oyster of a universe. Naturally, most players will still opt to become land-grabbing, bloodthirsty warlords, which was the most common life objective during the game.

    When choosing the faction, such in-game endeavors need more agility. Because when it comes to land, riches, or warriors, certain kingdoms are better off than others, much like in medieval history. The first step to lordship in Bannerlord should be understanding what is what in terms of flags.

    Western Empire

    Panda Atlanta
    • Faction leader: Emperor Garios
    • Based on: Roman Empire
    • Strength: Armored cataphracts and skilled archers, rich economy
    • ​​​​​​​Weakness: Constantly harassed by the Battanians

    When Calradia divided into three, the Western Empire came out ahead. The generals and the self-proclaimed Emperor Garros, who leads the majority of the Imperial Legion, are in charge of this portion of the Empire. With Garros at the head, they have immediate access to military power and a fair chance of bringing the triumvirate together.

    The fact that they have multiple prosperous cities and that the only difficulty they have is that the Battanians and the Vlandians aren’t making things simple for them also helps. Because of this, players will typically have to deal with those two right away in the campaign before they can make any major plans.

    The PC game Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord is now in Early Access. The full version has not yet been released.

    Northern Empire

    Panda Atlanta
    • Faction leader: Emperor Lucon
    • Based on: Roman Empire
    • Strength: Armored cataphracts and skilled archers, decent economy
    • ​​​​​​​Weakness: Multiple enemies from several fronts

    Although the Northern Empire is a little wealthier than the Southern, it shares the same problem of having numerous potent adversaries on various fronts. It shares numerous boundaries with other groups attempting to annex portions of the former Empire after it broke up into three.

    Since there were no eligible successors, Emperor Lucon wanted the Senate to reclaim its authority in selecting a new Emperor to select the legitimate head of the shattered Calradic Empire. Thus, this Empire party is adamant about disregarding the monarchical order that Empress Rhagaea established.


    Panda Atlanta
    • Faction leader: King Derthert
    • Based on: Normans
    • Strength: Versatile infantry and powerful melee cavalry
    • Weakness: Expensive cavalry and lack of horse archers

    The faction to the west of the map, Velandia, enjoys a reasonably safe location and allows them to keep pushing back adversaries who approach from the west. All other groups. As a result, they have mastered pushing back and possess the necessary units.

    They have a vast range of infantry, but their impressive and hefty cavalry draws most people to them. The common and noble troop trees have outstanding mounted lancers. They are only prevented from doing so because they occasionally lack sufficient mounts in their home region, making them highly pricey.


    Panda Atlanta
    • Faction leader: Sultan Unqid
    • Based on: Saracens
    • Strength: Flexible heavy units and territory choke points
    • Weakness: Expensive cavalry and weak shields

    Given their location at the southernmost point of the map, the Asari are considered to have the best position in the game by many players. Additionally, other factions must traverse a choke point to reach Aserai land, making an invasion difficult. For certain players, the Aserai domain tends to remain untarnished regarding AI-driven games.


    Panda Atlanta
    • Faction leader: Prince Raganvad
    • Based on: Vikings
    • Strength: Scouting and attrition
    • Weakness: Weak units

    Sturgia may be safely located in the northernmost region of the map, where their adversaries may only approach from the south. Still, it does not necessarily indicate they have a great potential for conquest. Because they are modeled on Viking civilizations, they are adept at exploration and movement through challenging conditions, such as snowy terrain.

    When it comes to units, they lack some solid firepower and strength. Since most of their units are light, they don’t scale well in later, more difficult fights. Furthermore, they are readily overrun by any other faction. For instance, Battania frequently enlarges its borders by annexing Sturgis.



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