Apex Legends Queue Taking Forever 2022


    Apex legends queue taking forever 2022 The frantic Battle Royale game Apex Legends was created by Respawn Entertainment and released by Electronic Arts. When it originally debuted, the game even earned the moniker “PUBG Killer.” The game is still running strong now, nine seasons later, and offers distinctive gameplay and experience. There have been rumors, though, about its matching system. Players complain that the Apex Legends matchmaking sluggish bug sometimes never resolves itself.

    In order to provide you with all the information you require regarding this topic, we set out today. What causes Apex Legends’ matchmaking to take so long? Find out here, along with a solution!

    Slow Matchmaking Issue in Apex Legends?

    Players of Apex Legends have long complained about the game‘s sluggish matchmaking system. They are apparently unable to find a game with other players because of some sort of problem. Some people went so far as to specifically claim that even after spending hours in line, matchmaking could not be completed.

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    You can only fathom how annoying it must be. What’s more intriguing is that this isn’t a brand-new issue with the game. The experience has been shared by many players in the neighborhood. So, what are the causes of the long wait times in Apex Legends?

    Not Using the Most Recent Game Version

    According to the FAQ page for Apex Legend, new updates are the main reason for the endless queue. When a new patch or update launches online, players can already be engaged in a game. Additionally, the game client won’t download and install the most recent material while you are playing.

    Your game client will therefore remain at the same version when your match is over. The matchmaking system in Apex Legends will only a couple of users of the same game version. You can therefore only play matches against players who haven’t updated Apex Legends.

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    You would be the only player still using the outdated client if all other players have updated their software. Additionally, if you don’t update, a match cannot be started due to a lack of players. That’s why Apex Legends matchmaking takes forever!

    Jammed Server

    The server congestion is another reasonable but less likely explanation. Large player populations may cause servers to become overloaded at specific times. The server will crash when everyone tries to log in at once. Consequently, those that are able to access the server risk being held in line until the server reboots.



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