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    Arma reforger game preview Arma Reforger, powered by the new Enfusion engine, lets you fight for domination over 51 km2 of stunning island landscape in a true Cold War environment, or use the Game Master curation mode to create unique scenarios in real-time. Return to Everon, the war-torn microstate from Arma: Cold War Assault, the game that started it all.


    Arma Reforger is the initial step toward Arma 4, as well as a dynamic, creative, and completely moddable platform for the future, providing a preview of what’s to come.

    Arma Reforger Game Preview Everon

    Panda Atlanta

    Return to Everon, a 51-square-kilometer island in the Malden archipelago in the mid-Atlantic. Visit familiar locations from Operation Flashpoint and take in the natural beauty of a vast open world, complete with pine and broadleaf woods, flowing rivers, ponds, picturesque villages, and austere mountains, all surrounded by pebble beaches and rocky coastlines.


    Panda Atlanta

    As a US or Soviet Army soldier, join players online and engage in realistic Cold War combat. Capture strategic positions, control the battlefield and collaborate with others to achieve goals in a fast-paced, harsh environment. Arma Reforger’s multiplayer game mode brings you back to conflict with a variety of period-authentic weaponry and vehicles that have been meticulously restored.

    Game Master

    Panda Atlanta

    In-Game Master, you can direct events, create unique missions, and lead players to triumph — or you can accept all-powerful creators’ challenges and fight your way through a responsive sandbox where anything can happen.



    Panda Atlanta

    Arma Reforger’s altered material is now available to anyone and may be downloaded by console users through the Workshop, an unique content production sharing repository for the game.


    Panda Atlanta

    In Arma Reforger’s real-time scenario editor, create events for pals behind the fog of war, or team up and go head-to-head with others across a wide island environment in Conflict.


    Panda Atlanta

    You may alter Arma Reforger using the same tools that were used to create it thanks to the Enfusion engine. Add additional mechanics, materials, textures, and other features. Your ideas and scripting ability are the only limits. Remake the game and share your original ideas!


    Panda Atlanta

    Add original altered stuff to the game, or create and share your own! The Workshop is Bohemia Interactive’s own integrated repository service, allowing console gamers to enjoy the same creative freedom as PC gamers.



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