Asterigos Curse of The Stars Game Length


    Prior to talking about Asterigos Curse of The Stars Game Length let’s discuss the game first

    In this high fantasy universe, which offers thrilling fight encounters, interconnected landscapes full of locations to explore, and a deep story where every choice matters, uncover long-forgotten mysteries and hidden routes. Play as Hilda, a courageous young warrior from the Northwind Legion who travels to the cursed city in an effort to find her father, who has gone missing. A lighter, more dynamic combat system and gameplay mechanics drawn from soul-like games combine to produce a novel interpretation of the contemporary action RPG genre, giving you a satisfying balance between exploration and challenge.

    Panda Atlanta

    Aphes city

    a city-state filled with fantasy and mystery, influenced by classical Greek and Roman architecture. The landscapes of Aphes are full of both beauty and peril, from the foggy bazaar alleys to the ominous sewers, the mysterious woodlands on the edges of the city to the deep chasms filled with glistening crystals.

    Combat Style

    On the way, pick from a selection of ranged and melee weapons and mix them however you like! By selecting two of six entirely distinct weapons from the talent system—a sword and shield, twin blades, spear, hammer, staff, or even magic bracelets—you can choose and broaden your combat style. Use a magical staff to destroy enemies from a distance or a huge battle hammer to crush them in close quarters.


    Panda Atlanta

    In the game, you play as Hilda, a teenage warrior with flame-colored hair who is on a mission to find her father who has gone missing. Expect several encounters along the road with deformed manticores, strong minotaurs, and horrible hydra as she explores the secrets of Aphes, a lovely city that has been cursed, in order to accomplish this.  

    The gameplay components of Asterigos, which were influenced by soul-like games and a lighter, dynamic fighting system, “provide a fresh perspective on the modern action RPG genre, presenting you with a harmonious challenge and exploration balance,” according to the game’s Steam page.  

    You have a selection of melee and ranged weaponry at your disposal, so you may decide how to defeat your enemies. The traditional sword and shield combination or the two blades for quick slash assaults are your options. A massive fighting hammer is available for stronger opponents, while a magical staff can be used if you’d prefer to keep your distance.

    You can equip up to two distinct weapon types simultaneously, giving you the flexibility to quickly change your playstyle.  

    The choice isn’t only limited to fighting; it’s also integrated into the tale in Asterigos since every choice you make will affect the plot and the outcome of Aphes. As you explore the game‘s gorgeous high fantasy setting, there is a tonne of secrets and side tasks that you can take on.

    Asterigos Curse of The Stars Game Length

    Depending on how well you play action games, the main tale will last anywhere from 15-20 hours. Additionally, it may take up to 40 hours or longer to finish the game entirely because of all the side quests and treasures. And that’s without including the New Game+ mode.



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