Borderlands Tiny Tinas Wonderland | Spell Shot


    Borderlands Tiny Tinas Wonderland let’s start with my personal favorite the spell shot every class in wonderland has two action skills and you start out with 1 and then on level 7 so very early on you can use your second one the spell shot starts with polymorph which turns an enemy of your choice into a floating sheep for a pretty long time like I was actually surprised by the duration of this spell so it’s totally smart to use this on badass enemies so I basically got a free kill without them able to do anything back also by shooting the sheep you can get multiple free spells.

    Borderlands Tiny Tinas Wonderland Spell Shot

    so if you have a powerful one equipped it will just randomly appear to very easily take care of the enemy so yeah if you have a rapid-fire weapon you can even have multiple free spells appear which is kinda crazy some enemies are immune to the effect though if you then use the polymorph you do some regular damage and also instantly cause the spell you currently have equipped free of charge so you can totally go crazy with this and use the polymorph first to cause the free spell and then immediately use.

    the regular spell directly afterward in my case has two of these meteors appear to nuke the health bar of the enemy extremely fast as you might know spells in wonderlands replaced the grenades from borderlands with the big difference being that spells recharge over time instead of being revealed from ammo pickups there are many spells you can buy or loot and while every class only has one spell slot in their left hand.

    with the second action skill from the spell shots which you again unlock at level 7, you can equip a second spell which you then use with the regular action skill button so they can keep an eye out for two amazing spells and use them at the same time every class has a class feat which basically a passive bonus and for the spell shot it’s called a spell weaving which means that after casting a spell or reloading a weapon you get one stack which you will see on your XP bar and this will further increase the damage of your spells

    but there are also skills like mage armor where you regenerate a war to which the shield in this game every time you gain a stack of the spell weaving you can also increase your fire rate in combination with this passive bonus other skills you can expect in the skill 3 increase spell damage and crit chance but if you prefer to use weapons they can also go for extra gun damage with for example the magic bullet spell where a portion of all the bonuses you receive is also applied to guns.



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