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    brothers in arms mobile game brother in arms 3 sons of war is a World War II video game released in 2014. It was developed by Gearbox Software, and published by Gameloft for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. The game is possibly a sequel to Brothers in Arms: Hour of Heroes and Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front which is also set during World War II. The game was announced at E3 2013 and was unveiled as a cross-over of a cover-based shooter and an on-rails shooter. It was revealed that the game will be on apple devices and iOS.

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    Cruelly, Normandy, France
    Brothers in Arms 3: Sons of War, just like the previous games, is set during World War II, this time in Normandy, 1944. The game begins with the protagonist, Sergeant Cole Wright, starting a diary of what he experienced in the war. His squad was tasked to assault a forest village located in France, to obtain enemy documents from an occupied manor. While they were able to find the files, one of Wright’s brothers, Jacob Hall, was killed by an enemy sniper while escaping the area. Later in the game, Jacob is unusable and his icon shows that he is KIA.

    Audrieu, Normandy, France
    A month following the events of Jacob’s death, Wright was sent on a rescue mission, to find Rachelle Dubois, known as “L’Hirondelle”, a French Resistance fighter, from enemy forces. With the assistance of his squad, Wright was able to rescue Rachelle and her team. During their time together, the two fell in love with each other.

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    Monte Cassino, Italy
    Wright then recalls being a part of the assault on Monte Cassino, Italy, back in January. His team was sent in to recover what’s left of the failed initial strike team, and complete the mission themselves. In addition, they were tasked to find and eliminate General Karl Herst, the leader of the forces in the area. During the mission, Cole had rescued Cain Lawrence, a member of the original team, but failed to save the others. As the attack went on, Wright had spotted Herst, and tried to pursue, but failed to take out the General. After the rescue of “L’Hirondelle”, Wright’s squad was ordered to stop an enemy convoy of reinforcements from reaching Falaise, France. Cole’s squad disrupts their communications and diverted the enemy convoy to an ambush point. Wright and his squad were successful in their attack, stopping the convoy from reaching the city.

    Falaise, France
    A few days earlier, Sergeant Wright’s squad ordered to infiltrate a Gestapo building in Paris to find information on POW camps for future rescue missions. However, the squad did not find anything and were forced to retreat from enemy reinforcements. The mission was not a total loss, as they had located and captured General Alder, in order to get the information. Months later, Major Bastion, Wright’s Commanding Officer, had told him that Sam Foster, a fellow soldier that rescued him from captivity in 1942, was actually a mole. At first, Wright struggles with the order, because when he was ambushed, it was Foster who had rescued Cole. His squad was sent to Belgium and tracked him down. After seeing what he had become, Cole eventually killed Foster and did not feel any regret for killing him, despite their past.

    Aalborg, Denmark
    The following month, Bastion had finally tracked down General Herst, the same general that eluded Wright in Monte Cassino. Hearst was found heading for Aalborg, Denmark, to a German outpost and bunker. However, Wright and his squad were able to ambush his convoy. Here however fled to the bunker, but bombers had bombarded it, causing it to fall apart. Wright, not wanting him to escape again, chases in after him. Cole had shot Karl Herst, as he tried to escape the exploding bunker. Outside the bunker, Wright kills the General. However, during his chase, Wright had also sustained wounds and dies shortly after.


    Rifleman, They are the most common Nazis. They are armed with Kar98 rifles and easily be taken care of.
    Submachinegunners, are common Nazis next to riflemen. They are armed with MP40 SMG and they are not tough enemies either. They have goggles on helmets.
    Grenadiers, are German troops with Stg43 assault rifles and the ability to throw grenades. You are advised to take care of them fast, or they throw a grenade if the meter is filled. You can also make them explode if you kill them right before they throw a grenade, and the explosion can damage enemies nearby. They don’t wear helmets.
    Marksman, They are German troops with a Gew43 prototype sniper rifle and the ability to throw Molotov. You are advised to take care of them fast, or they throw a Molotov if the meter is filled. You can also make them flammed if you kill them right before they throw a Molotov, and the flame can damage enemies nearby. They wear gasmask.
    Rocketeers are German troops with Panzerfaust rocket launchers. You are advised to take care of them fast, or they fire a rocket if the meter is filled. You can also make them flammed if you kill them right before they fire. The fire will kill him only. They wear green camo uniforms with some rockets on their back.
    Heavy Gunner, They are German troops with MG42. If the meter fills, they will spray fire upon the player. They may just stand there to fire, or from cover behind. They wear tan camouflage uniforms and bullet belts.
    Snipers are German snipers with the G43 prototype. Unlike Marksman, they will take time to fill the meter before firing, but they will deal greater damage than them. They are taller than other German troops.
    AA gunners are German troops with Stg43 assault rifles. They usually man AA guns, and if they got shot, they stop manning the gun and start to shoot back at the player. However, if they are undamaged they do nothing so they are vulnerable to the player’s knife kill. They look essentially the same as Heavy Gunners.
    Armored troops are heavily armored troops of the German Armed Forces. They have wielded either flamethrower or an MG42 heavy machine gun. They would walk toward the player and spray fire the weapon. With their heavy armor, they can withstand powerful anti-tank rifle fire for once.



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