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    Bulánci download Bulanci is an action-packed, simple-to-play party game where you can escalate pillow battles amongst rivals. Be fluffy and deadly to make your restless evenings memorable!


    Control the Bulanci characters from the fighting pillow game. They are charming, plump, and appear clumsy, but they act and look like ferocious warriors, and when they use weapons, they purposefully exaggerate the meaning of the word “pillow battle.”

    Pillow battles have returned.

    Panda Atlanta
    • Fight as individuals or in teams and try to collect as many points as possible for eliminating opponents
    • Each level offers different mechanics requiring you to adapt your combat tactics
    • Wreak havoc upon the battlefield with seven deadly weapons in four different modes: Deathmatch, Conquest, Capture the Flag, and Campaign (coming with the full release)
    • Have a pillow talk with up to 8 players on a single device (up to 4 players on a single keyboard), with more players joining over the network or with computer-controlled opponents
    • Cause severe concushion to other pillows in a special Battle Royale mode with up to 32 players
    • Shoot other pillows under the cover of darkness, on a hot summer day or while your feathers are soaked in rain

    Loaded and Locked

    Players can choose to play solo or in two teams in a deathmatch. The hit player merely respawns on the battlefield a short while later; the eliminated pillow soldier doesn’t stop playing. Time or the number of lives each player has can both be used as game limits. Statistics are analysed at the conclusion of the match, including who performed the best, how many points each player scored, and some standout exchanges.

    Conquest is a team-only game mode. Teams of players attempt to finish off their opponents within a set amount of time. The eliminated pillow becomes the team’s prisoner. During the game, their teammates can set them free. The squad that defeats every opponent or enters the opposing base is the victor.


    In the game of “Capture the Flag,” members of both teams compete to take the flag of their rivals and return it to their own base. The team that succeeds first wins.

    The Campaign – narrative mode, which is not a part of Early Access, will take players through several significant events in Bulanci’s past. Every mission is distinct from the traditional gameplay in that it contains unique details, objectives, and feelings. Bulánci Download From Store stem

    Bulánci Party game

    A multiplayer action party game is called Bulanci. Players assume the role of bloodthirsty pillows that engage in combat individually or in teams in an effort to score as many points as they can by defeating rivals.

    Bulánci Game maps

    The many game maps each feature a lot of useful and responsive objects as well as unique details that require players to alter their battle tactics.

    Bulánci Multiplayer

    Although eight players can play simultaneously on one device, all game types can be played solo. Of course, playing over a network is also an option.



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