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    callisto protocol day one patch for the brand-new game, developed by Callisto Protocol, promises to fix the widespread stuttering problems that many players are seeing when attempting to play the game on PC. The Callisto Protocol has already been plagued with complaints of significant performance issues on the platform, despite the fact that it just went on sale today.

    The Callisto Protocol is a third-person survival-horror game made by brand-new studio Striking Distance Studios in which players assume the role of Jacob Lee, a prisoner at Black Iron Prison on the moon Callisto. The Callisto Protocol director Glen Schofield, who also co-created Dead Space, is largely to blame for the game’s many similarities to that game. Nonetheless, the company has been emphatic about trying to distinguish the two games’ atmospheres.

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    The Callisto Protocol’s official Twitter account said a day-one patch for the PC version of the game would be released a few hours after the game’s launch. Players on the platform have reported repeatedly that the game has choppy performance, frequent stuttering, and poor optimization. The overall length of the new game, which many players finish in around seven hours, is another typical criticism of it. Due of this, The Callisto Protocol has received over 4,000 reviews on Steam and now has a “Mostly Bad” rating.

    The tweet from The Callisto Protocol also indicates that further updates are coming, though it is still unknown what they will contain. Performance difficulties are evident on both the PC and console versions, while the PC version seems to have the most of them. One of the most prominent comments from the aforementioned Steam reviews asserts that the game’s PS5 version also has stuttering problems. Given that The Callisto Protocol offers a 60FPS performance mode on PS5 and Xbox Series X, the player claim is rather unexpected.

    The Callisto Protocol is getting recognition for its other qualities despite its early performance concerns and little playtime. The game’s intensely eerie atmosphere, varied violent action, and graphics have received high marks in many early reviews. The Callisto Protocol received a rating of 3.5/5 , with the reviewer noting that it was “an fantastic game let down by several extremely essential missing elements, but perhaps future updates will help it live up to its full promise as a worthy successor to the Dead Space genre.”



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