Dark Souls 3 Elden Ring Comparison

    Dark souls 3 Elden ring comparison Elden Ring is the first game I’ve ever played in the Souls series. The bosses in the game appear to be on total steroids and have consumed 50 red bulls. After finishing that game, I decided to play the Darksouls series, so I purchased them all and began with the third. Playing Darksouls 3 is a little easier for me, Mahn. I beat the first boss on my second try (I made a lot of mistakes on the first try), and it only took me a few minutes to figure out his tactics.

    Dark Souls 3 Elden Ring Comparison

    I became addicted to this game, which I found more intriguing than The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Darksouls 3 feels easier than Elden ring now that I’ve played it for about 210 hours. Even the first boss in the Elden ring was a nightmare, and I still despise him after 210 hours. But I’m liking the dark souls bosses more, and I get a sense that I can handle them, something I rarely have with the elder ring. I know the first Darksouls 3 boss is simple, but when I beat him, I felt incredibly delighted and triumphant.

    3 Roll Comparison ELDEN RING vs. DARK SOULS


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