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    Dead Space Remake Gamestop Dead Space, a sci-fi survival-horror game that played like Resident Evil 4 in space, was released by Visceral Games in 2008. Dead Space is one of the most adored survival-horror games of its generation and became a media phenomenon very quickly. Dead Space 2 received similarly positive reviews, but with Dead Space 3, things started to go awry, and EA ultimately made the decision to halt the franchise. After a decade without a new Dead Space game, the series has returned with a fantastic remake of the first title.


    Dead Space isn’t an exact replica. In many ways, it gives a similar experience to the 2008 original, but with a number of noticeable alterations. For instance, a contentious section of the original Dead Space where players operated a turret to shoot down approaching asteroids has been considerably changed in the remake. The turret is entirely gone, and in its stead is a section where Isaac must leave the USG Ishimura in order to adjust the ship’s targeting mechanism. Few players will be sad to see the turret leave because of the intense suspense created by the necromorphs breathing down his throat and the oxygen supply that is steadily running out.

    Players will also learn that the Zero-G elements of the Dead Space remake have undergone a major overhaul. When it comes to Zero-G, the Dead Space reboot draws inspiration from Dead Space 2 and 3, allowing Isaac to freely fly around whenever he finds himself in a position where there is no gravity. This enables players to approach well-known obstacles from a new perspective and also contributes to making some sections considerably more enjoyable than they were in the 2008 version.

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    Hardcore Dead Space fans will undoubtedly notice other changes as they play through the remake, but Isaac’s addition to the game’s voice acting system necessitates new dialogue, which in turn leads to an expansion of the game’s backstory. Players gain additional knowledge about Isaac’s past, his romance with Dr. Nicole Brennan, and other topics. All of this combines to make Isaac a more compelling lead character than he was in the first game.

    Motive Studio concentrated on building upon what was already established rather than taking a chance and changing the plot of the first Dead Space. This is done in addition to Isaac’s new dialogue and through side quests that players can do while touring the USG Ishimura. Although there aren’t many to do, the side quests are all worthwhile because they provide players with more backstory on some of Dead Space’s supporting characters. Although the plot revelations players receive via side missions are not particularly ground-breaking, they do provide more information about what exactly occurred aboard the ship and point players in the direction of new regions with the useful loot they need to survive.

    When possible, avoid fighting in survival horror games like Dead Space because its warped necromorph enemies frequently compel players into direct conflict. Although Isaac has a sizable collection of weaponry at his disposal, the game’s recognizable Plasma Cutter is the best one. The best weapon Isaac has is undoubtedly an enhanced Plasma Cutter, and if players upgrade it sufficiently, they may use it to easily destroy necromorphs, much as they could in the original game.

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    Necromorph dismemberment is the focus of combat in Dead Space, and Isaac is faced with a wide range of necromorphs throughout the entire game to keep things interesting. Even if it’s true that over time, being accustomed to the monsters has caused some of the most horrifying designs to lose some of their appeal. Anyone who played the original Dead Space would be upset to see that the remake falls short when it comes to being frightful, especially given that players can make battle boring by concentrating on improving their Plasma Cutter and their suit.

    Hardcore Dead Space players seeking a more tough experience can set the level to Hard or Impossible. Additionally, Dead Space players can now start their New Game+ save on a lesser difficulty level after finishing the game on a higher one. This functionality was missing from the original Dead Space, thus its inclusion in the remake is really welcome and increases the game’s replayability.

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    When it comes to replayability, Dead Space has consistently outperformed the competition, and the Dead Space reboot is no exception. For those who choose to pursue all of Dead Space’s achievements and trophies, it includes a variety of difficulty settings, collectibles, New Game+, side missions, hidden places, and some special challenges. With some additional hurdles introduced to keep players on their toes, the classic challenge to finish the entire game using only the Plasma Cutter is back in the remake.

    However, some fans might be disappointed by how little the side tasks actually enhance the game. We completed the main mission and every side quest in the first run on Medium difficulty using only the Plasma Cutter in a little over eight hours. The Dead Space reboot makes up for its brief length by giving players plenty of reasons to stay playing long after they have completed the Ishimura mission once, including an alternate ending, which players won’t discover until they begin their New Game+ run.

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    It will be difficult for gamers to not be wowed by the game’s cutting-edge graphics as they explore the USG Ishimura. With evocative lighting effects, horrifying animations, and some genuinely jaw-dropping sights when Isaac finds himself exploring the void of space, the Dead Space remake looks and plays fantastically. It’s a hauntingly beautiful game that significantly improves the visuals without compromising the distinctive aesthetic direction that the first game established.

    It goes without saying that the original Dead Space had its shortcomings, and sadly, some of those flaws have crept into the remake. While Motive Studio eliminated the boring turret portion, it kept the elevator rides, meandering, and infamously tiresome closing scene that slowed down the rhythm of the original in its original form. It’s not surprising that some of these elements are still present because doing away with them would have necessitated a significant overhaul of the game, but they are at least somewhat tolerable this time around thanks to features like Zero-G, which enables faster navigation in some areas, and the useful new map.

    For the remake, Motive Studio redesigned the Dead Space map, swapping out the complicated 3D version for a straightforward 2D one that is much simpler to navigate. The updated map greatly facilitates the exploration of the USG Ishimura and helps players of the Dead Space remake keep track of objectives, locked boxes, and doors.

    The USG Ishimura was far more divided in the original game than it is in the Dead Place remake, which is one enormous, continuous space without loading screens. While this doesn’t help the game’s problems with backtracking, it does at least make sure that players are rewarded for going out of their way to explore. Locked chests that require specific security clearance and side quests both give players good reasons to revisit areas they’ve previously explored.

    The Dead Space reboot outperforms 2008 original in every way, giving a higher standard of living, fresh narrative material, side quests, and noticeably better graphics. Many fans will be pleased to see that this iconic survival horror game receives the updated treatment it so richly deserves. It’s Dead Space, but better.



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    Dead Space is one of the most adored survival-horror games of its generation and became a media phenomenon very quickly. Dead Space Remake Gamestop study