Destiny 2 Five New Exotics Have Been Added


In Destiny 2 five new exotics have been added There are two new Exotic weapons and three new Exotic armor components as of this writing. The new Heartshadow blade comes from the upcoming Duality dungeon, while the Trespasser sidearm is from the season pass. The Titan Exotic is geared at Void 3.0, while the Hunter and Warlock Exotics are also geared toward Solar 3.0.

While an Exotic quest could be hidden later in the season, these are the only five Exotics currently available in Season of the Haunted’s Collection. All of the Exotic armor comes from the daily Lost Sector, as usual. This is what each Exotic does.


Destiny 2 Five New Exotics Have Been Added

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A trespasser is a seasonal Exotic that is obtained through the season pass. Season pass holders can get it immediately now, but free-to-play gamers will have to reach season rank 35 first.

A returning Exotic from the first Destiny, Trespasser has experienced several changes. Unrepentant is its Exotic perk, which forces reloads after kills, making the following Trespasser burst considerably longer and more powerful (called a super burst). Kills with the extended burst will instantly reload your weapon and load another super burst if you have the Be the Danger secondary perk.


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The Duality dungeon’s new Exotic Void blade, Heartshadow, is a new Exotic Void sword. It looks to be a randomly rolled Exotic, which means you can grab it from the dungeon many times to get a different third perk each time. If you want to improve Heartshadow’s drop rate, you can achieve many in-game Triumphs.

Exhumation is its Exotic perk, which causes heavy sword blows to turn the Guardian invisible and hurl explosive Void missiles. Shot in the Dark is its secondary perk, which offers Heartshadow extra damage if the user remains unseen for a long time. The target is weakened by using the projectiles in this enhanced state.


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Void Titans are improved by Second Chance. Myrmidon’s Reach is an Exotic perk that allows the Shield Throw melee to pierce barrier Champions. Shield Throw gains two charges as well.


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Solar Warlocks benefit from Rain of Fire. Soaring Fusilier is its Exotic perk, which causes air dodges to reload all weapons and improves fusion rifle and linear fusion rifle airborne effectiveness. Guardians gain the radiant bonus from final blows with fusion rifles and linear fusion rifles.


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Solar Hunters benefit from Caliban’s Hand. Roast ‘Em is an Exotic perk that causes Proximity Knives to sear opponents with splash damage or ignite when hit directly. Throwing the knife without causing it to explode gives you more weapon regeneration.

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