Destroy All Humans Clone Carnage Trophy Guide

    Destroy all humans clone carnage trophy guide In Clone Carnage, wreak devastation! There are four modes, six maps, and up to four players in this single DLC. In local 2-player multiplayer, split-screen allows you to twice the damage. In Rampage, Armageddon, Race, and Abduction modes, let your wild side loose!

    • Discover the dark side of a famous extraterrestrial invasion tale.
    • Using your Psi-Powers and specialized weaponry, such as the Anal Probe Gun, destroy people.
    • Take the body of a pitiful person and penetrate their frail democracy.
    • With your flying saucer, obliterate their backward architecture.

    DLC features

    Panda Atlanta
    • Compete online against up to four human or alien lifeforms and destroy them.
    • With the local two-player multiplayer on a split-screen, you can wreak havoc twice as fast.
    • Challenge your friends and adversaries in four different game modes spread across six different maps.
    • Destroy All Humans! skins are all available. There will be a 2020 release.


    The content is described as follows by the developers:

    Players employ numerous weapons (e.g., Disintegrator Ray, Ion Detonator, Zap-o-Matic) to destroy human civilians and military units as they explore the gaming world.

    Psychokinetic skills are also used to fling objects about, as well as an anal probe to collect human brains (green blood splatters show as brains are harvested). Combat is fast-paced, with realistic gunshots, massive explosions, and painful screams.

    Civilians’ thoughts are occasionally heard, along with references to provocative material (for example, “I’ve got what every lady wants, a 12-inch slide ruler and a 166 IQ”; “My mind says Marilyn, but my nightstick says, Betty Page.”). Drugs may be mentioned in the discussion (e.g., “Oh God. I’m in desperate need of another Valium. Alternatively, two. “I’m not sure what that fine weed growing out in the cabbage patch is, but it sure looks like it would go great in my pipe.”); “I’m not sure what that fine weed growing out in the cabbage patch is, but it sure looks like it would go great in my pipe.”). Characters are occasionally seen stepping through dung piles, while animals are shown defecating on the ground. In the dialogue, the terms “ashole” and “pssies” are used.


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