Destroy All Humans Mission 7 Destroy Army Assets


    Destroy all humans mission 7 destroy army assets Holobob the person in front of you and just scan all the necessary targets after the cutscene is done. Just be aware of the Majestic agents nearby. Once all four scientists have been scanned, return to your saucer and begin destroying the designated structures. Once every building has been destroyed, you’ll receive your side goal. Simply smash everything in your path because the military equipment isn’t indicated. You can demolish many military items on a small island nearby, which will occupy a significant portion of the optional mission bar.

    Anti-air missiles may occasionally be directed at you while you fly above Santa Modesta. A tiny arrow will be present around your saucer; it will be blue while it is farther away from you and turn white as it approaches. Simply press (B) to deflect the missiles away when it becomes white and get yourself:

    After you kill the scientist, you’ll have to land your saucer and bring a Majestic agent to your ship. Just hop out and make your way through the town until you get to him. When you reach him, press (+) right and have him follow you. He will also protect you and he can’t die. Run back to your ship and the mission will be complete after the cutscene.

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    Destroy All Humans Mission 7 Destroy Army Assets

    Capitol City, ah! What a magnificent sight! At Capitol City, our first goal is to sneak up to the White House’s front gates. The green man demands to be taken to his boss. You can’t warn the military, so sneak up and enter the White House from the back gate. Then, make your way to the front. Follow the scientist outside by understanding his thoughts. If you’re fortunate, no automobiles will strike him and kill him, accomplishing this goal.

    Once you’ve done this, you won’t need to make any effort to alert the military when you travel to the installation. This can be very challenging because there are Agents wandering the streets, causing your hologuise to tumble numerous times. Consider using the periphery to get to the bridge and then crossing it. Once you arrive at the base, you must hypnotise the military man with the purple idea to force him to unlock the gate. After then, use the Blue Rider password to enter the military base. Keep your stance while watching the cutscene.

    Return to your saucer as soon as possible to prevent the Agents from stealing it before time runs out! You should PK every robot and take as many detours as you can. This is necessary to finish the objective. Return to your saucer and PK everything therein, then use the upgraded Zap-O-Matic to dispatch the Agents. Launch yourself into the mission. To start the Armquist vs. The Furons mission, return to Capitol City. You must continue to be invisible while pursuing the black automobile. It will eventually arrive at a military installation, where you must divert to pursue and mesmerise the Navy Warlord. Sleep him off.

    Use the hologuise to transform into the Warlord while he is dozing off, then dash around to the front of the building to enter the meeting as the Warlord. If you blame the youngsters in the conversation, the crowd will listen to you. To win the argument, bring up the assassin’s capture afterwards. No sir, this is not the end of the discussion. With his broken robot, Armquist intends to deal you a fatal hand in this verbal battle, which will soon turn violent. Although it could appear frightening at first, rest assured that it’s not as difficult as it seems. Launch that explosive barrel at the opposition to start the battle, then use your Disintegrator Ray to draw near to the mechanical creature. While his homing missiles miss with each firing, strafe in circles around him. Launch some Ion Detonators at his head to kill him, then enjoy the explosions!

    You may go back to Capitol City and carry on your terror campaign now that Armquist is out of the way. You’ll need to keep the police at bay while searching for black government vehicles outside of the White House. Once you’ve done that, you’ll need to follow the presidential motorcade covertly. As long as you take the outskirts rather than following it directly on the sides or in the street, this isn’t as difficult as it first appears. You’ll need to eliminate lots of Agents after the motorcade has stopped. They’ll all be shooting at you when you’re close to a disruptor transmitter, so it won’t be simple (those stupid globes that take out your weapons and jetpack).

    You’ll encounter a number of fresh dangers when the Agents are gone, including robots and soldiers. Simply push the evil robots away with your PK to keep them away permanently. Just use the Zap-O-Matic to take out the Army thugs. After the assault, you will have roughly 1:40 to track down and kill the President. Use the Zap-O-Matic to rapidly take him out, and have PK shove any approaching robots. You’ll then have roughly the same amount of time to return to your saucer and stop the assault that is being made against it. To finish the assignment, place two Ion Detonators in two distinct locations, eliminate every adversary, and then enter the flying saucer.

    It’s time to crank up the intensity and head back to Capitol City. Every senator who approaches the Capitol Building must be killed. If you use the upgraded Zap-O-Matic and correctly avoid enemy fire, this is one of the game’s simpler tasks despite how difficult it may seem. The Agents can be difficult, but if you shoot every man in a suit that approaches you, a chain reaction will begin that will hit all of the Senators in the area. For this mission, this is highly beneficial. After a front attack, side attack, and last front encounter, the job will be over for you.

    As many Ion Detonator upgrades as you can afford to buy. Return to Capitol City to begin the “Shocking Developments” objective, then move from right to left on the map toward the Tesla Coils. Due to their massive area of effect strike, which doesn’t deal much damage but prevents your health from regenerating, mutant agents are nasty to deal with. Before dealing with the Tesla Coil as you get close to the one by the waterfront, you will need to take out a robot. Don’t forget to detonate the structures that specific Tesla Coils are associated with, too! Naturally, you could mesmerise the researchers to overload the Tesla coils, but what fun is that?



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