Destroy all humans villains


    Destroy all humans villains The leader of Majestic 12 and the primary adversary in Destroy All Humans is Silhouette. the 2020 Remake, etc. In the 1950s, she intended to utilize mind-control methods to destroy the American government and usher in the Majestic’s rule over the entire planet.

    Nika Futterman, who portrayed Zira in Disney’s The Lion Guard, Asajj Ventress in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Catwoman in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, provided her voice.

    Due to the pervasive misogyny of the time, Silhouette did not want to disclose her gender to anyone outside her fellow agents. Ironically, she was highly sexist toward men and thought they were less than her. She hides her identity by donning a trench coat, a gas mask, and a hat during the entire game. Her voice was altered by the technology of her mask to sound mechanically male.

    Destroy all humans villains Abilities

    She demonstrates her agility during the final boss battle by performing flips and cartwheels and attacks with wide kicks when confronted up close. She is armed with two rapid-fire pistols that shoot red or pink laser blasts. Silhouette’s ability to regenerate her health in a way that is reminiscent of Majestic’s mutants is intriguing, suggesting that she was able to use her Furon powers without experiencing the mental retardation that is typically associated with mutants.


    Silhouette captured Furon Crypto 136 for research when he crashed after traveling to Earth on a mission and getting hit by a rocket. Prior to the Furons’ expiration, she also gleaned knowledge about them from page 136. The remnants of Furon technology that Silhouette had access to were turned into brand-new military armaments.

    Invasion of the Furon

    Rockwell is where Silhouette initially makes an appearance. Two teens are persuaded to join the fight against the Futons by one of her agents. After informing Silhouette that their preparations are succeeding, the agent goes back to Silhouette in the back alley where their car is parked. The agent and the silhouette depart and head to Santa Modesta. Crypto is aware of everything and uses a Furon Hypno film strip to hypnotize Rockwell residents for him and Pox instead of Silhouette, who had set up a film strip to hypnotize the city’s residents.

    Later, when Crypto and Pox go to Area 42 to save Crypto 136, they discover that he has passed away. In an act of vengeance, they use a nuclear weapon to try to kill General Armquist, but instead of succeeding, they destroy the launch pad for a test spaceship. After failing to beat the Futons as he did in Santa Modesta, Silhouette approaches Armquist in a furious manner and orders him to go back to Capitol City. Silhouette announces her “concept for a new American century” at the Octagon and orders Armquist to put Majestic and the entire Military under a single chain of command.

    At first, Armquist struggles to follow orders and challenges Silhouette, but when the president grants her extraordinary authority, Armquist is forced to act on her instructions. Crypto learns about the plan and joins Armquist as he travels to Union Town to get the Joint Chiefs together. The other Generals disavow Armquist’s opprobrious views after Crypto, posing as the Navy Admiral, infiltrates the meeting and speaks against them. Then Crypto makes himself known to Almquist. Crypto defeats Armquist in the duel while initially pretending that the Futons want to make peace with Earth before disintegrating him.

    Panda Atlanta


    President Huffman is murdered by Crypto when he returns to the capital city. The silhouette declares that Earth will give up. Silhouette and Crypto cross paths at the Capitol. Crypto is taken aback to see that Silhouette is familiar with his name. Evilly stating that she is grateful for Crypto’s brother. Crypto rushes Silhouette with his jetpack in a rage. By flipping over Crypto and spinning him away, Silhouette demonstrates her agility.

    Silhouette is blasted by Crypto’s jetpack, causing her coat to tears and her mask to fall off. She entirely takes off her male persona and shows her true gender. After determining that “Plan A” was ineffective, Silhouette switches to “Plan B.” A loud rumbling is heard, and Silhouette appears with Robo-Prez, a massive robot powered by the late president Huffman’s brain. When the silhouette is gone, Crypto defeats Robo-Prez in a battle with his Saucer. Following the conflict, Pox and Crypto look for Silhouette. By interfering with their communication, she alerts them to her location at the Octagon. Arriving at the Octagon, Crypto engages Silhouette, who is holding two energy blasters.

    Crypto prevails in their fight. Silhouette informs Crypto in her final words that Majestic has additional agencies and that there are still a lot more people on the planet. Silhouette is crushed under Crypto’s foot as he declares Earth to be a province of the Furon Empire.



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