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    The Locations of Elden Ring Limgrave Bosses

    Elden ring limgrave bosses Players of Elden Ring enter Limgrave for the first time after leaving the Chapel of Expectation. Once the First Step Site of Lost Grace has been activated, Tarnished will be surrounded by lush green grass, golden trees, bushes that are rich in Elden Ring Crafting Materials, and of course, the majestic Erdtree seen in the distance.

    Although Limgrave seems tranquil and teeming with friendly species, it actually conceals a number of evil foes that are waiting to strike. While some bosses are easy to find, others need a little bit of exploration to find. Players receive helpful goodies for defeating bosses, which will undoubtedly aid them on their Elden Ring quest.

    March 26, 2023 update Even though Elden Ring has been available for more than a year, the gaming community still talks about it frequently. And with the announcement of the DLC for Shadows of the Erdtree, its popularity has only increased. In light of this, let’s look back and provide some assistance to some newer players who are just starting off in the game or even those veterans who are returning to the game for a refresher before the DLC releases. Below is a list of every boss in the Limgrave area of the Lands Between, along with information on their locations and the items they drop.

    Elden Ring Limgrave Bosses Locations

    Stormveil Castle, Main Limgrave, Mistwood, Stormhill, and Weeping Peninsula are the five divisions of Limgrave. There are 32 different bosses in all, and each one differs greatly in terms of difficulty, rewards, and mood.

    Margit, The Fell Omen

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    As in every great Soulslike game, Margit, The Fell Omen is the first “things just got real” monster in Elden Ring. He is far more aggressive than previous bosses and there are many moves to learn in order to survive. Despite the fact that killing him is necessary in order to unlock Stormveil Castle, this isn’t the Tarnished’s last opportunity to encounter him. Margit can be defeated for 12,000 Runes and a Talisman Pouch. Indeed, it is possible to entirely avoid Stormveil Castle and go without murdering Margit, but doing so would result in the loss of a Talisman slot.

    Grafted Scion

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    Image Credit: Elden Ring

    This Grafted Scion can be found at the Chapel of Anticipation, which is in fact on a different island that is close to Stormveil Castle. The Scion is the tutorial boss that each player must defeat before progressing to the “real” game (or, more likely, die at its hands). Upon being defeated, the boss drops 3,200 runes, a shield with the Golden Beast Crest, and an ornamental straight sword. The Grafted Scion can be defeated later in the game through the Four Belfries, but if, like the majority of gamers, you are unable to do so, don’t worry about needing to start a fresh save file to try it again or anything similar.

    Godrick The Grafted

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    Image Credit: Elden Ring

    The first Sharbearer that players will probably come across is Godrick the Grafted, who serves as Stormveil Castle’s primary boss. Moreover, even though Godrick the Grafted serves as a Shardbearer and is essential to the plot, he can be avoided (along with Margit) by circumnavigating Stormveil Castle and instead crossing the damaged bridge. Godrick only drops 20,000 runes, Godrick’s Great Rune, and the Memory of the Grafted, which may be utilized to produce something called Legendary Armaments, despite his monologues and “worldbuilding” about ruling all that is golden.

    The Soldier Of Godrick

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    Image Credit: Elden Ring

    The Soldier of Godrick, the second boss in the tutorial zone of the Stranded Graveyard, serves as a check on the players’ comprehension of the fundamentals of Elden Ring‘s combat and their attention to the tutorial. It only offers 400 Runes as a prize for defeating it because it is merely a basic soldier, one of hundreds that players will encounter throughout the course of the game. It is by far the easiest fight in the game, and it wouldn’t even truly constitute as a boss if players didn’t cross a fog gate to face the Soldier of Godrick.

    Crucible Knight

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    Image Credit: Elden Ring

    Similar to the Black Knights in the original Dark Souls, the Crucible Knights are mostly merely overly-aggressive, common opponents that are dispersed throughout the globe of Lands Between. However, adversaries that were initially introduced as bosses gradually turn into common opponents in subsequent regions, much like with many of the bosses of Elden Ring. The Stormhill Evergaol in the western regions of Limgrave is where the Crucible Knight is found as a boss. The Elden Ring Incantation, Aspects of the Crucible: Tail, and 2,100 Runes are the rewards for defeating the Tarnished.

    Black Knife Assassin
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    Image Credit: Elden Ring

    Assassins known as the Black Knife Assassins were the ones who killed Godwyn the Golden, a demi-god by all accounts, during the Night of Black Knives, making them a well-known nemesis in Elden Ring. They frequently appear as optional bosses and occur in different locales. At Limgrave, west of the Saintbridge Site of Lost Grace, one of these can be encountered at the conclusion of the Deathtouched Catacombs. 1,600 Runes, the Elden Ring Talisman, and the Assassin’s Crimson Dagger are awarded for defeating the Black Knife Assassin.

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