Elden Ring Update | New Features


Elden ring update first things first let’s begin with additional elements they added to the game before we talk about some of the changes and fixes they added a function to record an icon and the name of an NPC on the map when you encounter that NPC which of course is very useful for returning to locations plus of course if you hover over certain locations that have NPCs out there like for example merchants stuff like that you, of course, see them which makes a return to those locations much more convenient

Elden Ring Stadia

Elden Ring Update

they also added a new NPC jar bin who of course has his own questline they’ve also added new quest phases for a few additional NPCs namely dialogs Atherley Liu Kenneth height and gatekeeper Vostok

so hopefully you guys still have them alive in your game and haven’t decided to kill them if you have then uh well I don’t know what to say to you that being said additionally they have also added some summonable NPCs in multiple situations they’ve increased the number of patterns of objects that players can imitate when using the mimics fail one of my favorite items and they’ve also added knight background music for the open field area

so those are additional things they’ve added to the game as a result of this patch so obviously, if you guys want to jump in and do some more quests then you can do so

however, falling off from there there are of course plenty of bug fixes again I’m not going to go through all of these but I do want to address a few of the most noteworthy ones one of these, of course, is they fixed a bug that causes some weapons to have incorrect scaling after strengthening of course that applies to the strength weapons although it seems that they basically made it so that the plus 25 is akin to the plus 24

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so it might well not necessarily work in your favor either way that seems to have been fixed however one of the more noteworthy things is that they have fixed the bug that caused arcane to scale incorrectly for some weapons so, of course, you guys may remember there are some weapons that we’ve obtained things like the rivers of blood or Eleonora’s pole blade the sort of dual blade Darth maul looking weapon these, of course, had broken scaling on arcane

this has now been fixed and some of these are potent if you have been holding on to some nice arcane weapons that you wouldn’t want to use now is the time to go back so this one is huge and of course any additional weapons

that also didn’t take advantage of appropriate stat scaling are also supposed to be fixed so basically pre-patch if there are weapons that you weren’t using because the scaling was broken try them again now

it’s also worth noting they fixed the bug with the odd tree great shield allowing to basically absorb the attack with the incantation to sort of uh spam out things that have now been fixed they also fixed the interaction with fire’s deadly sins you can no longer use that to spread bleed.

so, of course, you know as fun as it was a little bit it was busted so they’ve now fixed that, and of course there are a few other things as well but mainly speaking weapon stat scaling for of course some of those items that were previously broken does now open

Elden Ring Update Doors

the doors now in addition to this there have been some balance changes again I’m gonna go through some of these not necessarily every single one they have of course increase the drop rate of smithing stones for some enemies they added smithing stones to some early game shop lineups and they also reduced the cost of some of them as well so it’s actually easier to spec up your weapons they’ve increased shields effectiveness and they’ve also increased the damage of all offensive cracked pot items

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