Final fantasy vii remake heads or tails – Unveiling the Epic Dualities of a Legendary Reimagining

    In Final fantasy vii remake heads or tails, you can see the breathtaking balance between fate and destiny. Unleash a Legendary Reimagining’s Magnificence

    Chapter 9 of Final Fantasy VII Remake contains one of the decisions that can be made that will have an affect on the game. You may be unsure about what to do when Chocobo Sam invites you to choose between heads, tails, or no deal. We will go over the effects of the three potential decisions in this article.

    • If you choose heads, Sam will call tails and you will lose the coin flip. Then he will claim that Tifa is a better match and that Aerith isn’t Don Corneo’s type. Along with telling you that the coin toss was fixed, he will also hand you the coin.
    • Sam calls heads and wins if you call tails. He will offer you the coin after once more telling you that Aerith is not a better choice.
    • No Deal: If you don’t call, Aerith will do so and lose to Sam. The outcomes will be similar to those of the other two options.

    Now, it might not appear to have any significance, but there is a point below that you need to be aware of. Stop reading if you don’t want some story beats to be revealed to you since we are about to deliver a spoiler alert.

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    Spoilers upcoming

    The decision you make here will have an impact on a game-related side mission later on. You will complete a number of side missions for Chocobo Sam depending on whether you choose heads or tails. To obtain a blue and black dress for Cloud, these must be completed.

    If you decide against making a bargain, you will be able to help Madam M with side missions, which will allow Cloud to wear a different outfit. Your decision will only have that effect, so if the colour of the garment is unimportant to you, don’t worry about it.


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