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    G2 esports lol After qualifying for the EU LCS in October 2015, G2 Esports was renamed Gamers2. In addition to rebranding, G2 Esports made significant squad changes: from Smittyj, Kikis, PerkZ, Jesse, and Hybrid as their qualifying roster, Kikis was swapped to top lane, while Trick and Emperor were added from Korea. Their roster soon ascended to fame and reputation in the LCS, continuously tying for first place after each week, sometimes with H2k and sometimes with Vitality, until they took sole ownership of first place with a 15-3 record at the end of the split. With a bye in the quarterfinals, They also did well in the playoffs, defeating both Fnatic and Origen 3-1 to win the season and earn a spot in the Mid-Season Invitational.

    G2 Esports Lol

    Season Invitational

    G2 Esports was viewed as a favorite not to win, but to finish second to the Korean representatives SK Telecom T1 going into MSI. [1] [2] The team, however, lost their first four games in the round-robin and finished fifth, ahead of only SuperMassive eSports and out of playoff contention; more crucially, this placement meant that Europe would miss out on a Pool 1 seed at Worlds. G2 said that its players had taken vacation time after a “rigorous Spring Split” in a statement released midway through the second day of play. [3] Emperor later revealed that one day before the event, there was an internal conflict within the squad. [4]

    The organization received significant backlash from the community as a result of these several factors – their performance compared to expectations, the far-reaching impact of their result on the European region as a whole for Worlds seeding, and their statement appearing to be a poor excuse – and sparked a debate with differing opinions on the matter from different people.

    Summer Split

    G2 announced the addition of former Origen bot lanes Zven and Mithy[9], as well as Korean toplaner, Expect ahead of the Summer Split. G2 re-established themselves as Europe’s top team with a renewed strength in the bot lane and Trick’s MVP-worthy performance, finishing first in the Regular Season with a match record of 10-8-0 despite Kikis quitting the lineup between Weeks 6 and 7. [10] Then, in the Summer Playoffs Finals, they defeated Splyce 3-1, sealing their spot in the 2016 World Championship.

    World Championship

    G2 was relegated to Pool Two at Worlds due to their poor MSI performance, putting them in a position to face harder opponents in the Group Stage. They were picked in Group A with LCK winners ROX Tigers, NA LCS second seed Counter Logic Gaming, and Albus NoX Luna, the winner of the International Wild Card Tournament from the CIS region. G2 finished the competition in last place in their group, going 1-5 with their lone win coming against Albus Nox in the last game.

    2017 Spring Split

    G2 was one of only two teams, along with Splyce, to make no roster changes during the 2016-17 offseason, with the exception of hiring MindGamesWeldon as an assistant coach for the Spring Split. Misfits, Fnatic, Team ROCCAT, and Giants Gaming were all drawn in Group A. [11] G2 was invited to IEM Katowice to replace Cloud9, who had forfeited their seat after dominating the first half of the domestic split with a perfect 7-0 match record. G2 advanced to the tournament finals after defeating ROX Tigers and Kongdoo Monster of the LCK, as well as European rivals Unicorns of Love, 0-2 against the back-to-back LMS champion Flash Wolves.

    G2 dominated the domestic competition throughout the season, losing only eight games and going undefeated in the series until their last match when they were defeated by the surging Team ROCCAT. G2 finished the regular season in the first position with a 12-1 record, their third consecutive first-place finish. They continued their winning ways in the playoffs, defeating Fnatic and Unicorns of Love 3-1 to capture their third domestic crown in a row and earn a spot at Rift Rivals as well as another invitation to the Mid-Season Invitational.

    2017 Mid-Season Invitational

    G2 Esports concluded the group stage of the Main Event with a 4-6 record, tying for third place with Flash Wolves and Team SoloMid, and advancing to the playoffs as the 3rd seed after going 3-1 in head-to-head matches versus these teams. After beating Team WE in the semifinals, where they lost both games in groups 3-1, they met SK Telecom T1 in the finals, where they lost 1-3.

    Summer Split

    G2 struggled to get off to a good start in the Summer Split after giving their players a short break after MSI. They finished the first round in third place in their group. One of their victories came in week one, when they had three subs on the field. [12] [13] Between weeks 5 and 6, G2 competed in the newly formed Rift Rivals alongside Fnatic and Unicorns of Love against Cloud 9, TSM, and Phoenix1 from North America.

    Both G2 and the EU LCS had terrible results, with G2 going 1-5 in groups and UoL losing 0-3. They picked up the pace during intergroup encounters and went on a six-game winning streak, dropping only two games until being shocked by Team ROCCAT in the penultimate week of the Regular Season, followed by a 0-2 loss to Fnatic and a hard-fought quarterfinal triumph against Splyce. They went on to sweep H2k in the semifinals and Misfits in the finals for their 4th straight EU LCS victory, qualifying for the 2017 World Championship as Europe’s representative.

    2017 World Championship

    G2 was seeded first in the draw due to their MSI success, but they were nevertheless given a very difficult match. They were placed in Group C alongside Samsung Galaxy of the LCK, Royal Never Give Up of the LPL, and TCL representative 1907 Fenerbahçe of the TCL. G2 finished third in the group, winning one game against RNG but losing both games to Samsung.

    2018 Season

    G2 overhauled their team around midlaner Perkz after losing their botlane combo Zven and mithy. [14] They added Wunder from Splyce, Jankos from H2k, and Team ROCCAT’s botlane Hjarnan / Wadid, as well as coach GrabbZ, who took over for YoungBuck after he left for a new challenge. [15] [16] [17] They overcame Splyce in a tiebreaker for 2nd seed and 3-1 in semifinals a few weeks later after an uneven Spring Split Regular Season in which they concluded with an 11-7 record. They faced Fnatic and their former coach YoungBuck in the finals for what could have been their fifth title in a row, but they were swept and lost 0-3.

    Summer Split

    G2 was able to adapt to the new meta and started well in Summer Split, finishing first in Rift Rivals with a perfect record after three weeks of play. They won all of their group stage games against Team Liquid, 100 Thieves, and Echo Fox at Rift Rivals, and Europe won the event despite losing the first game in the finals. However, they were unable to maintain their lead in the EU LCS, losing tiebreaker games and falling from second to fourth place heading into the playoffs.

    They were defeated 0-3 by Misfits. This meant that, despite not reaching the EU LCS finals for the first time in the organization’s history, they were still seeded second in the Regional Finals. In Round 2 of the gauntlet, they faced Splyce and won 3-2 to advance to the final, where they will face Summer Split runner-up FC Schalke 04. Despite being underdogs, they triumphed 3-1, securing their place as Europe’s third seed for the tournament.the World Championships of 2018

    2018 World Championship

    They beat Infinity Esports in Round 2 of the World Championship after going through Play-In Round 1 in Group B with SuperMassive eSports and Ascension Gaming. They were placed in Group A with the LCK second seed Afreeca Freecs, the LMS first seed Flash Wolves, and VCS representative Phong V Buffalo in the Main Event. They went 1-2 on the last day after going 2-1 in week one. They went 1-1 against every team in the group and won the tiebreaker against Flash Wolves. They beat LPL’s Royal Never Give Up 3-2 in the quarterfinals despite being clear underdogs. In the semifinals, they were defeated by LPL second-seed Invictus Gaming.

    2019 Season

    On November 20, Riot Games announced G2 Esports as one of the ten partner teams for the LEC 2019 Spring Split

    Spring Split

    G2 released its botlane partnership for the 2019 season and replaced them with support Mikyx from Misfits and star midlaner Caps from rivals Fnatic, while Perkz shifted from midlane to AD carry. [19] [20] They had a strong start to the Spring Split, winning their first nine games and claiming a spot in the offline playoff finals. They lost a few games near the conclusion of the split, but finished first with a 13-5 record. G2 met Origen in Round 2 of the new playoff format, and after two close games, G2 dominated game 3 to complete the sweep.

    G2 faced Origen again after Origen won the semifinal against Fnatic. This time, G2 thrashed them in the fastest playoff series in LEC history, finishing in 74 minutes and 31 seconds. Their 5th title qualifies them for both the Mid-Season Invitational and Rift Rivals.

    Mid Season Invitational

    There were concerns about Mikyx’s wrist injury when he arrived to MSI. Mikyx, on the other hand, was confirmed to perform at MSI. With a 5-5 record in the group stage, G2 advanced to the semifinals as the third-place team. G2 was pitted against SK Telecom T1 in the semifinals. G2 defeated SKT in a five-game series to progress to the Grand Final, where they swept Team Liquid 3-0 in the fastest international best-of-five series in League of Legends history, claiming the title of Mid-Season Invitational 2019 Champions.

    Summer Split

    Despite taking a hiatus, G2 kept their momentum from MSI into Summer Split, despite having little experience on the new patch going into week one. After three weeks, they were in second place with a 5-1 record and decided to try out role swaps and unconventional strategies versus TL, C9, and TSM in Rift Rivals. Despite losing in the finals to the LEC, Europe won the event 3-1. G2 maintained their success in the LEC, winning the majority of games.

    With a 15-3 record, G2 was able to secure the first seed for the playoffs. G2 was down 0-2 against Fnatic’s global compositions in Round 2 of the playoffs, and they were down 0-2 in game 3 as well. They were able to flip the series around by defeating Fnatic in a 19-minute game 5 to go to the finals. They faced Fnatic, who had won the semifinals the day before and were much better prepared than they had been the previous time. Fnatic’s early lead snowballed into an overwhelming victory in a wild opening to the series.

    The next three games followed a similar pattern, with G2 tying the series twice before breaking the pattern and taking a commanding early lead in game 5. Unlike the previous series, Fnatic hung on and found good engages with their teamfight composition, but before they could fully turn the game around, G2 found deciding picks and terminated the game and series to send Europe’s first seed and one of the favourites to win it to Worlds.

    World Championship

    Griffin, Cloud9, and Hong Kong Attitude were all placed in Group A of the World Championship main stage. In the first round robin, G2 won all three games. G2 won their first two games in the second round robin against C9 and HKA, but they lost their final game to Griffin in the second round robin. This required a tiebreaker for first place, which Griffin won, meaning G2 Esports would finish second in Group A.

    In the quarterfinals, G2 were pitted against DAMWON Gaming. G2 defeated DAMWON in a more straightforward series to proceed to the semifinals, where they faced SK Telecom T1. G2 won the first game of the series against SKT, while SKT won the second game. G2 went on to win Games 3 and 4 and win the series 3-1, advancing to the World Championships Grand Final. They met FunPlus Phoenix, the first seed from China, and fell 0-3 against them, finishing Worlds in second place.

    2020 Season

    Going into Spring Split, Perkz and Caps switched positions, with Perkz returning to mid-lane and Caps becoming the team’s ADC. Despite the role swap, G2 still dominated at the beginning of the split and found themselves at 6-0 after week 3. Following a two-week slump, during which they went 1-3, G2 picked it back up and won all their remaining matches of the Regular Season to secure first seed in playoffs with a 15-3 record. For Round 1 of playoffs, they chose to face MAD Lions.

    Despite tying the score twice and coming close to winning game three in an entertaining series, they were defeated and relegated to the Loser’s Bracket. In Round 3, they met Origen, and after a tremendous first game, G2 came back in game two with two great late-game teamfights.

    Following Origen’s gradual dominance in game 3, G2 rallied to win game 4 decisively, clinching a rematch with MAD Lions. G2 won 3-1 this time to play Fnatic in the finals, thanks to a better understanding of the meta and superior individual performances. Unlike the previous split, G2 dominated Fnatic in both the draught and gameplay, sweeping them 3-0. G2 matched Fnatic’s 7 LEC crowns with this victory.



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