Genshin Impact Leaks Rerun New Voice Actor for Tighnari


    Genshin impact leaks rerun The new English voice actor for Tighnari was made public by a leak from Genshin Impact. This occurs after Elliot Gindi, the voice actor who previously provided Tighnari’s lines, was replaced by miHoYo after being accused of sexual assault, extortion, and remarks that were transphobic.


    Tighnari is a Sumeru-born Dendro user who was published in August 2022. He is described as a lone Forest Watcher who spends most of his time in rainforests to research various plant and animal species, notably mushrooms, in the Genshin Impact myth. In addition to showcasing his bow and arrow skills, “Tighnari: Plant Patrol,” his character demo film, also depicts him experiencing hallucinations brought on by mushrooms.

    MiHoYo has been gradually removing Gindi’s lines from Genshin Impact over the course of more than a month after he was fired as Tighnari’s English voice actor to create room for the new actor’s lines in the impending version 3.6 update. Although the developer hasn’t said who took Gindi’s position, a 20-second video obtained by genshinmains_ and certain files appeared to indicate that Zachary Gordon was hired to play Tighnari. His role as Greg Heffley in the Diary of a Wimpy Kid film series made him famous. He also provided the voice for Hayner in Kingdom Hearts 3 and voiced characters in animated films including Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa and The Super Hero Squad Show.

    Genshin Impact Leaks Rerun

    Panda Atlanta

    Many Genshin Impact fans were shocked to learn that Greg Heffley was voicing Tighnari after viewing the leaked clip. They also observed that Tighnari’s personality seemed to complement Gordon’s voice better, although they were still searching for “more sass.” While some people favored Tighnari’s previous voice acting, they acknowledged that miHoYo had to take his place for several reasons.


    Fans of Genshin Impact may have gotten a taste of Tighnari’s new English voice lines from the brief Twitter video, but they will have to wait until version 3.6 launches on April 12 to get the complete experience. While some already believe Gordon is unsuited for the position, they may later change their thoughts.

    Despite his limited status, Tighnari is one of the most well-liked Genshin Impact characters, and his and Zhongli’s banners are said to have brought in over $19 million in income. So, it makes perfect sense why so many players would make a huge deal out of his new voice actor. Yet, given his adaptable playstyle, potent damage, and high crit rate, it is unlikely to make them reconsider hiring Tighnari.

    Genshin Impact is now available on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is being worked on.



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