God of War Ragnarok Best Weapon Attachments


    God of war ragnarok best weapon attachments Even in the game’s icy Fimbulwinter-struck lands, using the God of War Ragnarok weapons is incredibly enjoyable. They have the ability to split an opponent in two, make a precise long-range assault, or whirlwind entire hordes under their control. This is fantastic news because the game’s opponents just keep getting more varied as they enter.


    Fortunately, each of the weapons can be customised to fit your unique playstyle thanks to a variety of features and enhancements. Below is a list of them, along with any additional additions you may have obtained through quests and major missions. But, take in mind that there are plot spoilers below, especially when you first encounter The Lady of the Forge. So, wait until you get to her if you don’t want to be spoilt.

    God of War Ragnarok Best Weapon Attachments

    • Shield
    • Blades of Chaos
    • Leviathan Axe
    • Draupnir Spear
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    Leviathan Axe

    A massive two-handed axe that is available right away in the game is called the Leviathan Axe. The half-giantss Laufrey (also known as Faye), Kratos’s wife and the mother of Atreus, commissioned master armourers Sindri and Brok to create the Leviathan Axe. Faye left Kratos the axe after she passed away.

    The Leviathan Axe is made for pinpoint strikes. It has three crucial attributes. It can be charged to launch a series of focused assaults, it may be hurled to deal devastating blows and then rapidly recalled, and it can freeze items and foes in place. The freeze power of the Leviathan Axe is a useful tool for taming fiery opponents.

    When fighting bigger, more powerful foes on your alone, the Leviathan Axe’s precision is most useful (e.g. trolls). Each of the light and heavy attacks that the axe makes concentrates runic power to make them more lethal. Light attacks excel at slicing through foes while dealing healing, frost, and more stun damage.

    In particular, the Leviathan Axe’s heavier hits, which include a cold ground smash with multiple enemy stun capabilities, can be employed against waves of enemies if necessary. Be mindful of large attack cooldowns and keep in mind that while throwing the Leviathan Axe is amazing, it cannot be used again until it is recalled. The runic power and strength of the pommel can be improved, as well as the likelihood that it will weaken foes.

    Draupnir Spear

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    The only new weapon type in God of War Ragnarok is the Draupnir Spear. In place of the axe and blades’ freezing power and firepower, this weapon, which is obtained at the beginning of act 3 of the game, builds stun. With its assaults, The Spear may shock opponents swiftly and effectively while also providing a long-range option.

    You can embed the spear inside of foes by tossing it, and then you can explode each spear by detonating it. You can enhance both the detonation and the quantity of spears you can launch. The spears can kill an enemy instantly or stun them, and they deal a shocking amount of damage.

    The Draupnir Spear additionally provides a syphon. With this syphon strike, you can syphon an enemy’s elemental damage into the spear and deal it yourself. As an illustration, your spear will now deal Bifrost damage if you utilise the attack on an Aesir.

    Overall, the flexibility and power of the spear make it a good candidate to replace your current primary weapon in God of War Ragnarok. And, while it doesn’t deal elemental damage, a smart use of its siphon ability can be just as good, alongside ranged and area-of-effect Runic attacks.


    Blades of Chaos

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    God of War Ragnarok has The Blades of Chaos available right away. A pair of fiery chained blades can be acquired with them about halfway through God of War (2018). The Blades of Chaos were created by the god Ares and imbued with the fires of the underworld. Ares handed them to Kratos as payment for his warmongering prowess before killing Kratos’s family. As Kratos joined the Norse pantheon of gods, he buried the Blades out of contempt.

    Kratos, however, fully accepts the Blades of Chaos in God of War: Ragnarok. The Blades are best at scattering crowds due to their long reach. When armed, Kratos can wrap and draw adversaries towards him or whip the charged blades to shock them. It goes without saying that cold foes are particularly vulnerable to the Blades of Chaos.

    Light and heavy rune attacks can be added to the Blades of Chaos. Each assault has the potential to burn, stun, or inflict damage on targets. Be cautious for higher cooldown times on more potent strikes because these have lengthy cooldowns between usage. Heavy assaults often provide a bone-shaking ground pound, whereas light attacks typically feature a flurry of movement that concludes in a ground slam.

    The likelihood of gaining buffs and upgrades can be increased by upgrading the Blades of Chaos and changing the pommel’s grip. Increased enemy burning, strength power-ups, or health enhancements are some examples of perks.

    The most efficient way to employ the God of War Ragnarok weapons is in tandem, even if each one can defeat opponents on its own. In God of War Ragnarok, numerous new enemy kinds that swarm and fire missiles are introduced. It is possible to complete the task fast and with less damage taken by equipping the Blades of Chaos to entice foes close and switching to the Leviathan Axe to deliver a fatal blow. An approach that was successful in the 2018 game as well. While you are waiting for cooldowns, pressure can be applied to adversaries by switching weapons.


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    Kratos, who comes back from the previous game, is accompanied by his dependable shield. The shield is his saving grace in a battle against a tough boss or a difficult foe because it can deflect blows and block attacks.

    Nonetheless, there are a total of five distinct shields that you can use in God of War Ragnarok. They include the Guardian Shield, Onslaught Shield, Shatter Star Shield, Dauntless Shield, and Stone Wall Shield.

    As opposed to the Onslaught and Stone Wall Shield, which offer more protective, larger shields that can either block attacks or make you tankier, the Guardian Shield is the shield from the first game that is back in all its glory. But, the speedier, reflex-based Shatter Star and Dauntless shields allow a higher risk-and-reward playstyle.

    We have finished discussing the God of War Ragnarok weaponry. Check out our guide to the God of War Ragnarok realms to learn more about the game and get a general idea of what to anticipate when you play. Also, our guide will be useful to you if you want a general review of the main and supporting characters.



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