Grounded Game Weapons Guide


Before talking about Grounded Game Weapons let’s know the grounded game first.

When you are reduced to ant size, the world appears to be a big, stunning, and deadly place. In this first-person, cooperative, survival adventure, players will explore, construct, and survive together. Can you withstand the dangers of the garden alongside the swarms of enormous insects?

Panda Atlanta

As you play through the story solve the secrets!

How did you get to be so little? Who assaulted you in this way? How do you return home? You will learn the answers to these questions as you progress through the narrative.

You have the option of facing the backyard alone or with up to three friends online. Additionally, you can play in your shared world with all of your progress saved by using the Shared Worlds function even if the original host is not online!

Animals can be seen roaming the yard in a variety of habitats, including the blistering heat of the sandbox, the depths of the pond, and the caverns of the termite lair. By turning on the MIX.R devices, you may even draw them to various locations in the yard. However, the more you annoy the animals in the yard, the more likely it is that they will show up at your door, so you will be ready.

To activate the advantages and perks you want for your character, use the in-game customization tools like Mutations and Milk Molars. Additionally, make your own armor and weapons and improve them to offer your character the numbers and advantages they require to survive the dangers of the backyard.

Grounded Game Weapons

The weapon that best suits your gameplay style is the finest weapon on Grounded. but in light of the species’ vulnerabilities and defenses. There is a path you must follow. as the weapons system’s variable shifts. This information will be updated.

  • Weapon 1: Fresh Black OX Hammer level 9.
  • Weapon 2: Spicy Termite Axe level 9.
  • Weapon 3: Mighty Salt Morning Star level 9.
  • Weapon 4: Fresh Spider Fang Dagger level 9.
  • Weapon 5: Mighty Crossbow level 9 with Feather Arrows.

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