Hogwarts Legacy Clocktower Doors


    Hogwarts legacy clocktower doors Your understanding of the open world Hogwarts legacy will develop as you solve the clock tower’s puzzle. Another well-known mystery at the school has to be solved, and the solver will, of course, be rewarded. There are weird doors with metal locks that are directly connected to the clock pendulum in a hidden location of Club of the Crossed Wands.

    We’ll explain how to open the Clock Tower door in Hogwarts Legacy and disclose the second trial’s secret in the guide.

    Where To Find Hogwarts Legacy Clocktower Doors

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    Right adjacent to the floating flame “Clock tower courtyard” in the South Wing lies the room that contains the actual puzzle. The Crossed wands fights happened in the same location.

    FIRST DOOR UNICON: If you proceed from the flying flame, the door with the unicorn is found across from the gate leading to the arena for duels.

    A decoration for the Rescue Room is located within a treasure chest.

    Second door  OWL: Gathering demimas figurines is not necessary; only the first level of the unlocking magic, Alohomora, must be mastered in order to reach the third door. To access the stairs, open the left door. Turn left when you get to the first exit.

    The second door is located after you reach the floor’s end and pass the second staircase. inside the eye chest, waiting.

    Third door  TWIN DRAGONS: Go up one more floor by using the second staircase (located next to the second door). A Confounding Conundrum keys can be discovered in a closet to the left of the stairway exit. Right-turn and proceed to the door. Stop the pendulum on this floor at the second symbol, counting to the left.

    There will be two treasure chests in the room: one on the left and the other on the nightstand.

    FOURTH DOOR SCARAB: When the pendulum has stopped on the far right symbol, proceed up the stairs on the left (if you are facing the pendulum). The final door is going to be directly in front of her.


    Panda Atlanta
    Image credit:steampowered

    Four spherical sections, like the pendulum’s detail, can be seen if you gaze up. They all have distinctive symbols. Symbols that correspond to those at the top are likewise present on the bars.

    Apply Arresto Momentum or Glacius to the pendulum when it reaches the desired sign to immobilize it. The identical symbol-adorned grate will then start to open after that. The grate won’t shut off if you open the door.

    The second Hogwarts secret will be counted as you enter the last room. A sizable chest with a legendary, undiscovered artifact is waiting for the wizard within.



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