Five Indie Party Rentals


    Indie party rentals in a variety of sizes and forms. From titles like the well-liked and eccentric Jackbox games to the distinctive board game selections from the Mario Party series. Even while those games are great, what about the more intimate indie-scene experiences? Fortunately, a wide variety of party games have been developed to satisfy the social impulse to come together and have fun.

    There is probably an independent party game to suit any mood. Heck, you can play some of these games against AI opponents by yourself. In order to make this list, we’ll concentrate on some excellent independent party games that are fantastic to play with friends or family. These games are fun to play because they combine cooperative and competitive components.

    Five Indie Party Rentals

    1 Cake Bash

    Panda Atlanta

    It may sound utterly insane to play as a sweet and lovely cake whose only goal is to be the tastiest ever, but it actually makes for a very fun party game. In Cake Bash, players adopt the role of one of the many delectable desserts that may be personalized in a variety of vibrant ways. The user then decorates their cake with a variety of delectable embellishments by competing in mini-games to earn the most cash.

    This independent party game for four players supports both local and internet play. There are other game types, such as making the ideal marshmallow, placing the ideal amount of ice on delicate and delicious cones, and even playing a small battle royale game on top of a big cake. Due to its simplicity, flexibility, and abundance of chuckles, this game is a lot of lighthearted fun and a fantastic party game. Just be sure to have plenty of sweet goodies available because this game will make players really hungry for sugar.

    2 KeyWe

    Panda Atlanta

    KeyWe is a puzzle game with cooperation elements, party game elements, and elements of fun. Players control the kiwi birds, Jeff and Debra, as they navigate a variety of odd activities in the game, which is set in the harsh outback at a novel post office site. These games focus on mail and packages, ensuring that the aforementioned post is delivered accurately and on schedule. KeyWe begins very simply with five distinct mini-games, but as the seasons go on, the craziness gradually picks up.

    KeyWe is a fantastic party game since it offers a varied and adaptable experience. With a buddy or member of their family by their side, players can simply advance the story mode while collecting stars and coins. As an alternative, KeyWe offers a variety of absurd add-on games to enjoy, such as one in which participants must pop as much bubble wrap as they can. Oh, and you can personalize the cute kiwi birds with lovely hats, backpacks, sunglasses, and colors.

    3 Gang Beasts

    Panda Atlanta

    Gang Beasts’ extraordinarily odd physics and controls are largely to blame for its status as somewhat of a cult classic in the independent party game scene. In essence, Gang Beasts is a party brawler game where players use their gooey, gel-like blob creatures to beat each other up. This game’s premise is as straightforward as it gets: Compete against one another until only one person is left standing. However, considering the bizarre controls and motions of the aforementioned Gang Beasts, it won’t be as simple as it first appears.

    In contrast to many games that aim for pin-point accuracy in their controls, Gang Beasts opts for a system that hardly seems to work. Fortunately, this makes for a fantastic party game that will give everyone lots of opportunities to laugh aloud. It’s entertaining to punch, kick, and lunge at the other blob characters, especially since each ridiculous stage has obstacles to add to the mayhem.

    4 Very Very Valet

    Panda Atlanta

    It might seem a little dull and uninteresting to have a party game where the focus is on driving and parking automobiles, but this is not the case with Very Very Valet. Players assume the roles of several cartoonish valets who must serve customers by parking their automobiles at various venues and locales, which makes for plenty of outrageous party humor in this game. Of course, much like Gang Beasts, the game features purposefully wonky control and physics systems to keep players guessing.

    Very Very Valet is a four-player cooperative game that is both entertaining and silly. A higher score is earned by taking care of as many clients as you can while causing the least amount of harm feasible. Each stage offers different ways to maneuver a patron’s car around. Since vehicles will need to be driven over jumps, over rooftops, and through other obstacles, this won’t be simple. For fans of independent party games, this game stands out because of its feeling of playfulness. Maybe it’s best to bubble wrap a car before taking it to one of these idiot valet workers.

    5 Boomerang Fu
    Panda Atlanta

    For fans of independent party games, Boomerang Fu is a wonderful hidden gem that definitely merits more exposure. Unfamiliar players assume the role of a cartoonish food-focused character in Boomerang Fu, a silly top-down party game in which they must utilize their potent boomerang to slice and dice the opposition. This game is about as easy as party games get, spread across a variety of imaginative and vibrant stages. Thankfully, the game‘s simplicity is what makes it so incredibly entertaining.

    Moving a player’s selected food character while attempting to aim and toss a boomerang to knock out an opponent is the main goal of each game. Nevertheless, the boomerang might not always come back to the player, so paying great attention to where it lands or becomes stuck is crucial. Players may come across a variety of uncommon powerups that can drastically alter the course of a battle. Boomerang Fu is undoubtedly a party game that devotees of the genre will play repeatedly (pun very much intended here too).



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