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    It follows movie explained: Launched in 2014 and completely changed the horror film industry before they were even known as heightened horror films. According to Box Office Mojo, the movie only made around $21 globally, thus it wasn’t a great box office hit. However, it was unquestionably a critical favorite and won over viewers with its dramatic setting, compelling character development, and original premise. It also made Maika Monroe a horror movie actress to keep an eye on; she later starred in the thriller Watcher in 2022 and the horror comedy Villains in 2019.

    The tale in It Follows is both intriguing and unsettling, and the movie’s conclusion is just as flawless as the rest of it. Although it can be interpreted in certain ways, it isn’t frustratingly nebulous and ambiguous. What occurs in It Follows, and how does this clever horror film wrap up?

    About It Follows Movie Explained

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    In the movie It Follows, Maika Monroe plays Jay Height, a teen who discovers that an odd, terrible thing is following her after having her first sexual encounter with her boyfriend Hugh (Jake Weary). Some people think that the thing is a metaphor for STDs. Others dispute the assertion. It Follows is undoubtedly among the top horror films of the decade.

    The film’s writer and director, David Robert Mitchell, discussed what inspired him to come up with this terrifying story in an interview with IndieWire. “The basic idea came from a recurring nightmare I had as a child in which I was being pursued by a monster that took the form of various people,” he claimed. It was just visible to me. Additionally, it moved slowly and kept coming in my direction. In the dream, I had no trouble getting away from it.

    Mitchell described “the feeling of dread and anxiety” he experienced when recalling the dream. And Jay’s perspective on the thing clearly reflects that. While some supernatural horror antagonists are forgettable, the entity in It Follows isn’t one of them. This enemy is very cunning because they can assume many different identities and physical attributes. This guarantees that they will always frighten the target of their stalking.

    The main emphasis of It Follows is on Jay and her companions as they struggle to devise a strategy to eliminate the monster. It Follows is a fantastic horror movie with perfect pacing and intensity, just like Maika Monroe’s other outstanding horror film Watcher. Yes, the thing is unsettling, but it’s entertaining to track Jay’s progress and wish for her survival. But It Follows focuses more on the atmosphere and what it could be like to be in Jay’s shoes. The atmosphere that the film manages to create is gloomy and distinctive.

    What Takes Place When It Follows Ends?

    Panda Atlanta

    It Follows is a well-liked and enduring horror film because of the mood it creates as well as its clever conclusion. Whether Jay and her companions can stop the creature by killing it will determine how It Follows concludes. The entire movie raises this significant question. They believe that by submerging the thing in a pool of electronics, they can shock it to death. The plan, however, is derailed when Jay realises that the thing resembles his father exactly.

    When the entity is shot by Paul Bolduan (Keir Gilchrist), it throws Jay into the water and nearly drowns it. Jay manages to flee. Given that Jay and Paul share a bed in the It Follows finale, there is a hint of romance and intrigue. However, the entity is present as they stroll through the town together. Some people could find this shocking because they might have thought the characters actually killed the creature. Others may think it’s appropriate because they can’t really get rid of it permanently.

    It Follows works because it is truly unique among legendary horror films that exploit tropes. And the It Follows finale works because some people might assume it’s a nice ending because Jay and Paul may have discovered a way to cope with the evil around them. However, it’s also feasible to see this final scene as a depressing and painful illustration of how the characters will never be able to get rid of the creature.

    Director David Robert Mitchell stated that there were several distinct theories regarding the proximity of the alien in an interview with Slate. We considered several different versions of it, Mitchell recalled, “but we settled on the one where he’s there, but not too near. I suppose we had several where no one would ever miss him. People are free to interpret it any way they like.



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