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    Kena bridge of spirits collectibles map Where can I find the locations of every secret place and item in Bridge Of Spirits? You’re fortunate, then, as I’ve spent countless hours thoroughly exploring Ember Lab’s fantastic story-driven action-adventure game, noting down the precise locations of every single Rot, Hat, Flower Shrine, Meditation Spot, Cursed Chest, and Spirit Mail along the way.

    The 9 maps of different places in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits listed here include the locations of every item and secret spot in the game, making it much simpler for you to uncover the last few achievements. Look at this!

    Panda Atlanta

    Kena Bridge of Spirits Collectibles Map

    Ten zones make up the map of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. To allow you to view each location separately from the others, I’ve created a map for each one below. I haven’t made a map of the Mountain itself because there aren’t any collectibles on it.

    You may find a key describing what each marker on the map means on each. If you’re determined to acquire every item in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits, they’ll definitely shorten the time it takes to complete the game.

    Before you ask, the answer is true; I have completed the game and can confirm that the object in question is indeed present there. Maybe it is below you, maybe it’s above you, maybe it hasn’t shown itself to you yet because you have to finish a story beat first (as is the case with certain meditation spots and “trios” of Rot, which are usually given to you after defeating a boss or completing a major story moment). The key point is that these maps are precise.

    Ruin on Map 1

    Panda Atlanta

    The instructional zone of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits is called The Ruins. You learn the game‘s fundamental mechanics and are introduced to a few key characters in this section. There aren’t many valuables here, but you will find your first 8 Rot. Please be aware that the first Rot you encounter does not count toward the 100 Rot you can acquire throughout the course of the game.

    Village Map 2

    Panda Atlanta

    The Village serves as the game‘s focal point and is where you’ll spend most of your time in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. The Village is initially overtaken by corruption, but you can remove the obstacles that prevent you from accessing different regions of the Village and so gradually rid it of this corruption by gathering and delivering Spirit Mail to the right residences. Each region you clear opens up new opportunities for exploration and the discovery of additional Rot, Hats, and other collectibles.

    The most crucial thing to keep in mind is that until you reach the “final act” of the game‘s tale, the Village’s outermost regions are off-limits to you. Your main mission makes it quite apparent when you will be able to travel via these locations, so you will know when that time comes. But until then, don’t waste your time attempting to reach these remote areas of the Village, as it isn’t going to happen.

    Taro’s Tree Map 3

    Panda Atlanta

    With only 13 treasures total, Taro’s Tree is a rather straightforward region of the main map (plus one meditation spot). Collecting them should be an easy process. The only thing to keep in mind is that you cannot meditate at the meditation place until you have finished the area’s primary mission.

    Rusu Mountain Map 4

    Panda Atlanta

    The hunter Rusu lives in the cliff-dotted region of the map known as Rusu Mountain, and he is the one who can release the bow in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits. If that wasn’t enough of a motivation to come here, there are also more than 20 other kinds of collectibles to be found there.

    Forgotten Forest Map 5

    Panda Atlanta

    Forgotten Forest is one of the most challenging areas of the map since it conceals its collectibles both high and low, and frequently behind mini-puzzles that you must solve with the help of the Rot. Because there are several items buried along this vertical trek, pay close attention to the lengthy platforming portion that eventually gets you to the God Tree Shrine as part of this area’s primary mission.

    Since the Forgotten Forest is filled with them, I’ll also mention that it’s crucial to know how to demolish Hay Piles in Kena: Bridge Of Spirits because Rot can occasionally be found hiding inside of them.

    Storehouse Map 6

    Panda Atlanta

    The start of Kena: Bridge Of Spirits’ “second act” is signaled by the little portion of the map known as Storehouse. Although you won’t stay long, use this map to quickly get all the collectibles inside before leaving.

    Fields Map 7

    Panda Atlanta

    One of the biggest parts of the map is Fields, which contains a massive 25 Rot to gather in addition to other goodies. Take great caution when investigating the two large buildings to the far left and upper right since they may hold some extremely cleverly concealed valuables. Be prepared since there is a nasty miniboss in the upper-right building who becomes even more dangerous on harder difficulty settings.

    Village Heart Map 8

    Panda Atlanta

    Because Village Heart is primarily underground, it can be challenging to uncover the collectibles that are concealed there. Thankfully, there aren’t many to find, but you should still be cautious and thoroughly explore this area. I’ll drop a hint: did you notice how the one Hat and the four center Rot were grouped together? At the very far end of the cave, they are all underground.

    Mountain Shrine Map 9

    Panda Atlanta

    In order to prevent tale spoilers, I won’t speak anything about Mountain Shrine, the game’s concluding location. Only because it’s helpful to know that the last Meditation Spot is located here am I mentioning it here. Don’t do what I did and spend hours searching in vain for the last Meditation Spot before starting the last quest. You can find it near the conclusion.



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