King Arthur Knight’s Tale New Game 2022


    King Arthur knight’s tale new game You are Sir Mordred, King Arthur’s arch-enemy and the legendary black knight from the Arthurian legends. You assassinated King Arthur, but he struck you down with his dying breath. You’ve both died, yet you’re still alive.

    The ruler of the fabled island of Avalon, the Lady of the Lake, has brought you back to put a stop to a nightmare. She wishes for you to embark on a knightly adventure. She expects you to finish what you’ve started. Kill King Arthur – or whatever he’s become after she transported his dying ship to Avalon.

    King Arthur Knight’s Tale New Game

    A Role-playing Tactical Game

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    Discover a unique blend of tactical turn-based games and traditional character-centric RPGs! This dark fantasy retelling of the Arthurian legend allows you to lead a band of heroes into battle while simultaneously making moral decisions, managing heroes, and rebuilding Camelot.

    The dark fate of the kingdom

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    Explore a nightmare region filled with horrible monsters and mysterious creatures hidden in castles and woodlands. The struggle between Arthur and Mordred ended in death for both of them, and now the consequences are being played out. Arthur has been revived in Avalon and is now an eternally insane ruler, transforming this enchanted land into a nightmarish version of Britannia. You are Mordred, resurrected to find Arthur, and, ultimately, murder him to put an end to the curse.

    The Round Table reborn

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    Gather your knights and send them on tasks that will need intense, tactical combat! Choose from six classes to form a squad of heroes (Defender, Champion, Marksman, Vanguard, Arcanist, Sage). Level them up, earn unique skill points, and equip the best mission loot. But watch out! Heroes can die, and healing from wounds, curses, and diseases takes time. Make sure Camelot has the proper recovery facilities in between missions, and prepare various heroes for different objectives.

    A question of loyalty

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    Your major resources are heroes, but they aren’t just numbers! They each have their own personalities, goals, and rivalries (even unique traits, skills, and bond benefits). They’ll be watching your every move! Set aside differences, offer favors, choose heroes who can work well together, and send them on assignments they are familiar with. Take care, because their loyalty is contingent on a number of variables. They may even abandon you and turn on you!

    The making of a monarch

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    As a king, you have a distinct identity that is shaped by your actions and moral decisions. The Morality Chart will show you where you stand in relation to Christianity and Old Faith, Tyranny, and Righteousness. Your decisions have an impact on the values on this chart, affecting both gameplay and narrative.

    The weight of decisions

    Knight’s Tale contains four difficulty levels, ranging from casual storytelling to the most brutal fights Avalon has ever seen. Roguelite Mode is also available for those seeking a greater challenge. Every small decision matters here, not only moral choices but also actions committed in turn-based battle. There are no reloads, only regrets as the campaign progresses. Half the pleasure is coping with the repercussions, but your choices also have an impact on the plot. Each playthrough can be distinct, with unexpected branching.

    The End is only the Beginning

    After completing the campaign (once or numerous times), you’ll be able to access the endgame, which is exclusively for the courageous. New obstacles arrive on the map, including mythic boss fights, random quests, additional loot, and character growth, all leading to the defeat of Balor, the Fomorians’ monstrous god-king.



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