Life Is Strange True Colors Romance 0ptions


    Life Is Strange True Colors Romance 0ptions Steph, a local DJ in Haven Spring and a close friend of Gabe’s, develops into one of Alex’s closest associates. She could also be a prospective love interest, so gamers must choose wisely to avoid jeopardizing their relationship prospects.

    In Life is Strange, two crucial choices will determine whether or not a player will fall in love with Steph or Ryan: True Colors, but there are also more options that might lengthen the romantic build-up. These endearing moments won’t alter anything, but they do give Alex and Steph’s relationship a more natural appearance, which should make fans happy.

    On May 16, 2023, AHSAN updated this page. Although the game is a few years old, timeless stories are still being told today. This is particularly true in a game like Life Is Strange: True Colors, which tells multiple stories instead of just one. Franchise veterans continue to rewatch their favorite storylines while also experimenting with different possibilities. The most important game events will be made known to new players for the first time. This tutorial has been modified to condense the necessary details into just a few fast bullet points in the opening part to assist either type of gamer. Readers who are interested in learning more specifics still have access to the further material.

    Life Is Strange True Colors Romance 0ptions

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    There are a few life-changing events, which is to be expected in a game with college-age protagonists, and it’s difficult to predict when and when these will come up.

    Steph’s Required Decisions for Romance

    • Send a rose to Steph.
    • On the roof during the Haven Spring Festival, kiss Steph.

    Life is Strange: True Colors’ Chapter 4 contains both of these judgment calls. After speaking with Steph and Ryan at the festival, proceed to the rose cart and begin investigating. Proceed to Steph’s van, which is located to the stage’s left. A scene between the two will now be sparked by the ‘Rose’ prompt. Steph will then declare her desire to later meet Alex on the rooftop.

    Continue taking part in festival events, and when Charlotte and Alex have a scene by the lake as Alex sings on stage. Steph will invite Alex to the rooftop. Depending on whether Alex chose to accept Charlotte’s rage or leave her alone, a different scene will unfold. After having this discussion, proceed to the rooftop where Steph will attempt to persuade Alex to leave Haven with her, giving you the option to either hug or kiss her. Kiss her to start a relationship.

    Additional Steph Romance Options

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    These are debatable options that lead to further Steph romantic situations. They are minor exchanges that won’t significantly alter the situation. Check Alex’s phone to see if there are any texts or MyBlock communications that might implicate Steph and Alex.

    • First chapter: Have a conversation with Steph and play the jukebox game with her.
    • Chapter 2: While assisting Steph, let her know that while playing foosball, Alex is attracted to ladies (or both men and women).
    • Visit Steph in the record shop in Chapter 2.
    • Chapter 3: When choosing between Steph and Ryan to serve as the diversion, pick Steph.
    • Chapter 3: Before speaking with Steph in the record store during the LARP, listen to her thoughts. Offer Alex your hand in marriage after that while negotiating for the soul gem (and then hear Steph’s response).

    Although these options are optional and won’t harm the romance, it’s difficult to assume that the relationship will end entirely without them. Sharing a kiss is wonderful, but what makes the relationship with Steph truly shine is observing the layers of desire and affection. Additionally, some of these help the game become a simple platinum prize for achievement hunters.



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