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    Marauders is a sci-fi multiplayer looter-shooter that was recently released by Small Impact Games. Everything you need to know about the game, such as the best guns, information on all the ships, how to play with squads, and more, will be covered in this Marauders Game Wiki guide.


    Marauders game wiki A tactical first-person multiplayer shooter called Marauders is set in an alternate 1990s where The Great War never ended, the Earth has reached the breaking point of industrialization, and many people have fled to the stars.

    Players will suit up and command their ships as space mercenaries known as “Marauders” over dangerous cosmic reaches to salvage everything they can and survive by any means necessary. Players will be able to quickly upgrade their equipment as they discover treasures from perilous raids on intimidating frigates and make nerve-wracking touchdowns on drifting asteroids throughout each game.

    They must also keep a close eye out for anyone attempting to do the same thing as them and shoot their excursion to an abrupt end.

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    Marauders Game Wiki Guide 5 Essential Tips

    Marauders don’t always provide instructions on how to complete various tasks in-game. You’re frequently left to your own devices to figure out how to survive. Here are 11 crucial Marauders pointers to help you through the game.

    Boarding Damage: If you’re in an escape pod, you can board hostile spacecraft at any time. But as soon as your ship collides with an adversary’s, you’ll suffer some little damage. Even if it’s not much, it’s enough to make a difference, especially given that you’re in a small space. As soon as you are aboard their spacecraft, make sure to heal.

    Break Down Items: Don’t be scared to scrap certain items if your inventory contains too much garbage. You’ll be astonished by the items you can find when you disassemble an outdated firearm or piece of armor. All you have to do to scrap an object is drag it to the Scrapping option in the crafting menu. You’ll obtain several items after doing that.

    Don’t Forget to Repair Items: Finding a new rifle or piece of armor is exciting and fun, but durability should be considered. The durability of an item may be seen both in-game and via the main menu; the bigger the red bar, the nearer it is to breaking.

    The main menu is the only place to repair objects. Once there, select the item you want to repair under the Gear section. You must pay real money to repair things in games, and the amount depends on the item and how much it has been used.


    Lockpicks Are Your Best Friends: Behind a locked door is frequently where you’ll find some of the best in-game loot. The only way to unlock a locked door is with a lockpick, which may be made from the main menu or found in the wild.

    Craft as Much as You Can: Marauders must be skilled in crafting because you never know what you’ll encounter when on a raid. Always be ready for anything; the greatest way to be ready is to make the necessities yourself.

    Once you reach a certain level, you will also be able to make various useful items of equipment and gear.

    How to Board an Enemy Ship

    Marauders Game Wiki

    You can always board another player’s ship if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a ship quickly. But be careful not to lose your life in the process.

    How to Loot

    Marauders Game Wiki

    In Marauders, you plunder whenever you’re not shooting. Understanding what you can loot and how to loot is crucial.

    How to Play With Squads

    Marauders Game Wiki

    A universe is a dangerous place. Going out with buddies is much safer than going alone. Get to know playing squads completely.

    How to Steal a Spaceship

    Marauders Game Wiki

    There are several strategies for stealing a spaceship. Find out in-game how to steal one.

    Rating: 5 out of 5.



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