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    Metal hellsinger game length, Part human, part demon, and driven by a desire for retribution. Become The Unknown and battle your way through Hell’s most challenging realms. To prepare for an epic encounter with The Red Judge herself, eliminate the demon hordes and their leaders.

    In the rhythm-based first-person shooter Metal Hellinger, your ability to shoot in time with the beat will improve your gameplay. The music will become more intense and you will inflict more havoc if you are more in tune with the rhythm.

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    Use a blade covered in skulls or a variety of nasty weapons to defeat the demon hordes. Every weapon has a unique ultimate capability, such as The Big Goodbye or Murder of Crows.


    Play through an epic narrative that is told by Troy Baker, an award-winning actor. To advance through the stages and climb the leaderboards, unlock unique challenges and defeat the realms of Torment.


    The Infernal Planes, sometimes known as Hell, is actually a union of a thousand different Hells, each of which is horrifying and evil in its own way. You must battle your way through the toughest spots in order to overthrow The Red Judge, from the chilly continent of Voke to the confusing land of Stygia.

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    Metal Hellsinger Game Length -Metal track length

    One of the most interesting and compelling shooters in a while, Metal Hellinger also features original music to kill demons. But how long should you anticipate doing that? How long does it take to complete Metal Hellinger, and what is its length?

    Metal Hellinger is essentially an album of brand-new metal music from renowned musicians like Serj Tankian from System of a Down, Matt Heafy from Trivium, and others, with songs created especially for the game. Additionally, the game’s levels and challenges are customized for each song.

    How much actual gaming does that equate to, though? You can learn more about Metal Hellsinger’s length and completion time below.

    Metal Hellinger length how long to beat the game

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    You’ll need between four and a half and seven hours to complete Metal Hellinger. This nearly totally depends on your level of ability, and whether you try to aim for a high score or go on to the next level after finishing the current one.

    You don’t have to devote a lot of time to each level because they can all be easily completed without worrying about getting a high score. However, it goes without saying that if you decide to take on the extra challenges that are unlocked with each level, it will take you a little longer to reach the game’s credits.

    A significant portion of the enjoyment in Metal Hellinger also comes from learning the levels, mastering them, and overcoming increasingly harder challenges while using new weapons and Sigils. Therefore, even though the game itself is brief, you can spend at least twice as much time playing it if you replay every level, complete each challenge, and try to complete the game on the hardest setting.

    Given that you now know how long Metal Hellsinger is and how long it takes to complete, why not check out Game Pass’s comprehensive Metal Hellsinger guide? You can also read our review to find out what we thought of the shooter as well as our interview with The Outsiders regarding the choice to use original music



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