Modern Warfare 2 CDL Classes Explained


    Modern warfare 2 cdl classes Players must employ competitive settings in Modern Warfare 2’s CDL Moshpit and Ranked Mode. This severely restricts our ability to employ the number of weapons and equipment we can use in our loadouts. Here are our recommended loadouts for the Hardpoint, Search, and Control competitive game types, as well as the finest weapon builds for competitive play.

    Players use the exact same competitive settings as pros in the CDL Moshpit and Ranked playlists. Most grenades, perks, and weapons other than ARs and SMGs are prohibited in Call of Duty competitive play. The goal is to remove anything that could break and provide free kills, which includes a lot of content in Call of Duty.

    The TAQ-56 and Vaznev-9K attachment setups that are most effective in terms of competition compliance are listed below. For each of the competitive modes—Hardpoint, Search and Destroy, and Control—we’ve also included our recommendations for grenades and perks.

    It should be noted that although while the Kastov-74u and the Fennec 45 are both reliable weapons and may be used in CDL Moshpit and Ranked, respectively, this is only because the devs are a little behind. Both of these weapons have already been GA’d by professionals, therefore they won’t be available in the Ranked or CDL Moshpit playlists for a few days or even a few weeks. Because of this, we decided not to bother creating loadouts for these weapons, believing that it would be better for everyone to get adjusted to the current pro meta, which consists of the TAQ and the Vaznev.

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    Modern warfare 2 cdl classes Moshpit & Ranked

    Your standard classes won’t be available when you load into a game of Ranked or CDL Moshpit; instead, you’ll see the slots for your competitive custom classes. These cannot be confused with your regular custom classes. How to access and modify your competitive custom classes is as follows:

    • Make a personal lobby.
    • Select a CDL gaming mode.
    • Now that you have switched to “Weapons,” you may see a brand-new list of custom classes.
    • You can change and save these competitive classes in the private lobby.
    • You can pick one of your competitive classes when you load into CDL Moshpit or Ranked mode.

    Although it is inconvenient that this is the only option to edit them, it is understandable given the number of flaws in MW2 and Warzone 2.

    As a starting point, we suggest scheduling the following classes using your ten slots:

    • AR Hardpoint
    • SMG hardpoint
    • SnD SMG Def.
    • SnD SMG Att.
    • SnD SMG SnD Att SMG Control AR Def.
    • Control AR Att.
    • Control AR SMG Defense Control SMG Att.
    • Control Def.

    Although you certainly don’t need to create classes for the other weapon if you’re only an SMG or AR player and you know you won’t choose that option. The advantages and available gear for each of these classes will be discussed below, however the AR and SMG’s actual attachment configuration won’t alter depending on the mode.



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