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    Monarch Rpg Monark is a turn-based RPG with tactical elements code developed by lan cars and for you and published by NIS America who provided this review code you wake up to find yourself in a japanese high school surrounded by a mysterious barrier with its corridors filled with a thick mist that affecting the students within its reach as a power pack bearer, you are charged with defeating another pack bearers controlling different portions of the school with the hopes that each the enemy failed will weaken the surrounding barrier allowing everyone to go home once again.

    Monarch Rpg Monark

    in order to get everyone on the same page, we will need to talk about the aspects of monarch depicted in its demo which represent the first hours at first glance, Monarch Rpg Monark employs a minimalist look that is a bit underwhelming whether you’re looking at it from a base aesthetic standpoint or its chosen art direction this is a pity given how its developers touted how its characters were designed by the artist sobin who drew the art for the popular overlord series

    Monarch Rpg Monark

    Monarch Rpg Monark

    thankfully Sobin’s art is represented during dialogue sequences though some might see this as a constant reminder of what Monarch Rpg Monark visuals would have looked like given its setting much of monarch’s corridors and hallways feel quite similar to small rooms providing the variety here and there but still maintaining a monotone flavor moments of vibrance come in during battles where you are taken to another world through this is quite infrequent at the start.

    Monarch Rpg Monark voice acted

    additionally, I found that the switch and base ps4 versions perform below 60 fps as seen here given Monarch Rpg Monark minimalist presentation I expected both platforms to perform better but that’s sadly not to be from an audio standpoint Monarch Rpg Monark features both English and Japanese voice acting and regardless of your chosen language, you’ll be happy to know that the main story is indeed fully voice acted.

    that said Monarch Rpg Monark English voice acting is pretty average though there are standout performances by a few actors with regards to its soundtrack Monarch Rpg Monark songs can be an acquired taste though I absolutely love the vocal tracks featured during boss battles.

    in both, its voice acting and soundtrack the developers seem to be struggling to decide whether or not to feature high-intensity songs would break the player’s immersion in its motif and story but I think that the visuals do plenty enough to do that you can get the game from store steampowered



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