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    Neon white rigged game In the blazingly quick first-person action game Neon White, players destroys devils in Heaven. You are White, a chosen assassin from Hell who will face off against other demon slayers for the opportunity to spend eternity in Heaven. The other assassins seem familiar, though…


    Neon White Game Review

    Neon White is content right this second. Sega-blue sky pouring scorching summer light on your immaculate battleground as you slice devils in half over heavenly docks. You repeat each level until it is perfect, or, at the very least, until you can pass (occasional PC Gamer contributor) Fnk-é Joseph and move up the leaderboards as you first-person platform your way through each stage.

    A horde of lustful anime goth kids then reminds you that this isn’t heaven as the quest comes to a conclusion. It’s awful. However, depending on your preferences, you might not even find eternal damnation to be all that bad.

    You are supposed to go straight to hell since you are White, dead, and unrepentant. Fortunately, heaven has granted you a second chance as a Neon, sinners rescued from hell to perform God’s dirty labour, particularly purging a horrible demon infestation from the paradise’s bleach-white streets. The most effective demon-killer is guaranteed a second chance at salvation after ten days.

    Your induction day includes instruction in the fundamentals of being a Neon. Each day (or mission) consists of a series of stages that must be cleared of demonic bad guys as quickly as possible. They are blisteringly brief FPS platforming puzzles. In a nutshell, it’s Trackmania crossed with Mirror’s Edge.

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    Neon White’s secret is that weaponry are framed as color-coded cards scattered across the level, rather than rolling up to heaven’s door with an arsenal of guns. Any new card you draw will be added to your deck at the top, and each has a limited number of shots before being discarded.

    Importantly, each can also be used to activate a mobility tool in addition to serving as a weapon. Shotguns offer you a burst of speed in any direction, SMGs let you ground pound, pistols give you a second jump, and marksman rifles allow you to move in a further horizontal dash.

    The environment and its demonic inhabitants also have an impact on developing and perfecting speed, so it’s not only cards. Numerous demons are color-coded, so when you defeat them, you’ll receive a card that will allow you to string together combinations. Jumping on balloon devils will give you more bounce, however breaking doors will require you to use an ability (unless, of course, you find a cheeky way around them).

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    The best way to complete a stage is to figure out the quickest route through it while juggling cards to kill demons and move across the area. Most stages have a clear path that will earn you at least a gold medal if you complete them swiftly, but if you want to ace a level, you’ll need to think outside the box and use the Assault Rifle’s secondary explosive to rocket jump around entire structures.

    Neon White encourages you to stress over your stage times and seek out new strategies to improve them. To help you plan your routes more effectively, ghosts and shortcut indications are also enabled through collecting medals, so you aren’t immediately presented with leaderboards when you enter a stage. To teach IGN’s Mat Jones(opens in new tab) a lesson, you could spend up to an hour hurling yourself at a single stage.

    I initially struggled with Neon White’s simplicity when I first started playing. After all, I love games like Mirror’s Edge and Apex, where excellent movement takes practise and requires mastery of a myriad of intricate mechanics with numerous friction points. I was concerned that playing route cards wouldn’t be enough to keep me around because Neon White is straightforward and floating.


    I’ve since altered my mind about Neon White after witnessing the community put it through its paces(opens in new tab). With such cards, gamers may move through entire stages in a single bound, sidestep paths you’d assume necessary, and take pinpoint shots at monsters standing half a mile away. The only thing that’s lacking is a proper replay option; when someone posts a time that is entirely 30 seconds faster than my personal best, I want to know how in the world they did it.

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    However, I haven’t been able to get into Neon White’s vibes. However, I do want to point out that the game’s UI and environments are at the pinnacle of aesthetics before this review turns.

    The simplest way to describe Neon White’s overall appearance is as Dreamcast-as-fuck. Your battleground is a world of vaporwave marble towers, courtyards, and fountains beneath sega-blue skies and crystal oceans. The between-mission menus are crammed with rounded square buttons and adorable graphic backdrops, and the HUD is pouring with flavour text and little ornamental elements. Neon White is what the younger generation would refer to as an entire vibe when combined with a properly Y2K trance soundtrack by Machine Girl.

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    Simply put, man. I find it intolerable to hear anyone in this world talk. On your first day, you meet your fellow Neons, who all fit the stereotypes of the typical anime characters. Red is the tall, brash, “step on me mommy” femme fatale; Violet is the oh-so-innocent flirt; and Yellow is your dudebro bestie. White, the player character, is essentially a gothic Spike Spiegel, which is consistent with the fact that Cowboy Bebop actor Steve Blum provided his voice.

    A game called Neon White is for fans of the early-2000s Toonami-core lunacy. This game is for those who stuck with Death Note after the first two episodes and only shopped at Hot Topic. Everyone is wearing very tight leather corsets and belts (even the men, in fact), and your celestial contacts are adorable chibi cats.

    A stage will occasionally be broken up by brief visual novel exchanges between you and another Neon. However, the majority of the narrative takes place between missions, giving you the chance to explore your own little paradise—room, White’s the neighborhood pub, and your boss‘s office. While continually earning high medals will allow you to unlock brief heavenly ecstasy sequences where you can be enjoying ice cream with another Neon or watching The Matrix with a flying cat, gifts obtained throughout stages can be given to NPCs.

    Panda Atlanta

    Right, look. I’m not passing judgment on people who find this stuff enjoyable. If moody anime boys are your thing, I think Neon White might become your new favorite game. Neon White is earnest and unapologetically cringe-worthy. You’ll either understand or completely miss all of the references and nods to era-appropriate anime that are crammed throughout the writing. Even when the game moves past thirsty spirits to begin unraveling a tale of theological intrigue (why can’t God in all his power just poof these demons away, anyway? ), I am just not the audience for this stuff.

    I gave up when my character claimed that his dick perspiration was equally annoying as another character’s boob sweat. After then, the fast-forward button remained activated.


    Neon White is still a stunningly stylish speedrunning platformer, though, if you can ignore (or better still, embrace) the cringe. It’s the kind of game I could easily see myself spending hours on in order to place in the top 10 of a single track, though judging by the leaderboards, I don’t think I’m there yet. There are at least over 100 stages, which is more than enough to satisfy a speedrunner for months or perhaps years.

    I fervently hope the creator includes a level editor in this game at some point in the future. Because Neon White’s potential may be endless with a fairly typical collection of structures, demons, map components, and weapon placement. How would a Kaizo approach the heavenly speedrunning challenge? I’d love to learn the answer!

    Neon White is a videogame-ass without any shame. It’s a game where you can @ your friends on Twitter to let them know you beat their time by a second. It also invites you to turn up the music and play the final stage one more time to earn the ace medal.



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