No More Heroes 3 Kitten Locations


    Before we discuss No More Heroes 3 Kitten Locations Let’s talk about the game’s story first.


    Travis Touchdown, a renowned assassin, is back in the Garden of Madness!
    To prevent the wicked Prince FU and his nine alien lieutenants from conquering Earth, he must now ascend to the top of the Galactic Superhero Rankings.

    Awe-Inspiring Images
    Watch the action in high HD at 60 frames per second!

    Exciting Battles
    Travis’ beam katana allows for incredible hack-and-slash action as you build up combos.

    Advance in the Ranks
    Galactic-scale ranking fights are back! Travis will engage in out-of-this-world boss battles as he go up against a number of evil alien “superheroes.”

    This time around, there’s more to see than simply Santa Destroy! Grab the Demzamtiger, Travis’ newest ride, and zoom across four brand-new destinations. To help you save money for those expensive Galactic Ranking fights, each one is jam-packed with volunteer and combat tasks.

    No More Heroes 3 Kitten Locations

    Panda Atlanta

    Travis’s devoted cat, Jeane, is the only animal in his life who he can depend on to always have his back. If you’ve played any of the earlier games in the series, you’ll be aware that he makes an effort to look after Jeane well by making sure she’s fed, healthy, and content. No More Heroes 3 shakes things up by introducing a brand-new item connected to Jeane — her kittens — instead of the customary mini-games having Travis interacting with Jeane.

    Yes, Jeane is now an adult who gave birth to a litter of kittens that are now dispersed around the areas you will visit in No More Heroes 3. It’s up to you to reunite the startling 11 kittens with their mother in the motel room because she’s lost track of them.

    Although these kittens are tiny and well dispersed across the wild, there are techniques to locate them more quickly. The whereabouts of every kitten in No More Heroes 3 are listed below, along with some advice on how to bring them all home.

    Panda Atlanta

    Santa Destroy kittens

    The first three kittens are in Santa Destroy’s central center. Once more, exactly in the parking lot of the motel, the first one will come to you automatically to begin the quest.

    Outside the Rolling Cradle Highway Bus station, the second kitten is lying in the midst of the grass. It is clearly visible and in the open.

    On the docks is the last. Approach the blue railing on the right side at the far end and hug it. In the top-right corner of the dock, just before the large green bush, is this kitty.

    Perfect World kittens

    Two more kittens can be found in the perfect world.


    The first one lies directly east of the save point, south of the area, and slightly northwest of the defense task. Look for this lost kitten next to the dumpster on the south side of the street, behind the houses.

    Get on the basketball court by finding it near the shore to the northeast. On the north side of the court, the kitten will be positioned between two benches.

    Call of Battle kittens

    We must rescue two of Jeane’s children who managed to get into the deadly Call of Battle area.

    Right on the main road, close to the first T-Shirt Alien, is a kitten. Look left at the sidewalk from where you are standing on the street. The tiny furry creature is standing right next to two metal barriers.

    On the beach, the other kitten is lazing around. Go all the way down to the east side coast and turn east, keeping your left shoulder close to the bluff. Along this wall, the kitty is currently hanging out.

    Thunderdome kittens

    We enter the Thunderdome with the following two kitties.

    The west side route, just before it narrows and leads to the Tank icon on the map, is the first place we need to go. Keep an eye out because this kitty tends to fade with the sand.

    The other is on the southwest side of the dome itself. A tiny patio separates the buildings, and a blue brick building is located by the road. This house’s neighbor is the cat.

    Neo Brazil kittens

    Finally, Neo Brazil is down to its final two kittens.

    In the far north of the map, next to the fountain, lies a lone lost cat. Simply make a circle around the fountain’s edge to find it relaxing.

    The last cat we have is next to the DonMai Sushi. Gather your final cat between two rows of hedges in the wide field to the slight northwest, where the grass first appears.

    The Pixel Jeane shirt, which features Jeane as she appeared in Travis Strikes Again, will be given to you as a prize once the last kitten has been brought home.



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