Paid Guest Post opportunities


    Paid Guest Post opportunities We’re always seeking for talented authors to join the pandaatlanta family, and we just ask that you write about topics you find interesting. We offer the platform for you whether you like to write opinion pieces, cover the most recent breaking news items, compile practical tips and guidelines, or write insightful reviews.


    Video game writing ought to be joyful. Our writers don’t have to do much for us. You are not required to publish an article or review every day, every week, or even every month, as was previously stated. Every time, real life should come first.

    You are not required to write on a certain topic, either. You are free to write about anything you like, including old games, PC, Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation. Instead of trying to fit into a pre-defined box that isn’t natural to you, we want you to create the articles for which you’d like to be recognized.

    We do, however, want you to write honest, well-written pieces that you’re proud of. It also helps to keep in mind that the majority of our audience are gamers.

    Panda Atlanta

    Paid Guest Post opportunities

    We are committed to offering our readers only fully researched, and original articles. We firmly oppose publishing articles that have been spun or plagiarised. Writing is an art that you may use to keep your thoughts, ideas, and information in a very specific and effective method for your audience. Writing is not just about sharing information with the readers. Only articles with a 90% unique content requirement may be published here.


    Rules for Submissions

    Acceptable formats: We accept all formats that we can open and copy-paste into our site. You can send your guest posts in a variety of formats, including Google Docs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, Dropbox files, and many others. You simply need to be concerned about not using any protected files in this situation.

    Point of Submission: Interested writers can just contact us with their content. You can also include a link to any guest posts you have published on Google Docs in the email.

    Post formatting: Only well-written and formatted guest posts will be taken into consideration for publication here. You must include an introduction and a conclusion as required portions, along with the appropriate headings and subheadings. If necessary, using bullet points or numbers is strongly advised.

    Details About Editing: We reserve the right to alter your guest postings here. If we discover any grammatical, spelling, or formatting issues in the content, we typically move on to that section. Also, if the headings or subheadings don’t fit our audience, we can edit them.

    You can pitch us and send your article to if everything goes well and you successfully generate an article to post on Pandaatlanta.



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