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Play Lost Ark once you finish lost ark’s tutorial with less information than you probably need you to enter the online world where you’re propelled through a 10 hour linear series of main story quests and it’s rare that other players running around get in your way, in fact, the only content that absolutely requires you to team up doesn’t arrive until after level 50 and that’s largely part of lost ark’s open-ended albeit grindy end game where you’re free to pick and choose what you want to do the story itself boils down to the now overdone humans and angels team up to fight demons and save the world trope clearly suffers from some pretty ham-fisted character writing and its downright cringe-worthy voice acting sounds like the performers have no idea what’s supposed to be going on around them.

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this makes for an awkward tone and pacing most of the time and it’s especially annoying when you’re first starting out that’s one popular hunk of rock emotional moments struggle to land at all but that shortcoming is compensated for by how well scripted and downright creative these cinematic action sequences can be some are absolutely breathtaking such at the battle of the glorious wall or your first visit try Xion and downright exquisite camera work captures the sheer scale of the chaos unfolding around you.

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Play Lost Ark 

there’s a slickness to the flow of lost ark’s combat that feels more in line with Diablo 3 than with stiffer games like diablo 2 or grim dawn you’re given the freedom to mix and match the skills on your Hotbar to your heart’s content with no restrictive rules requiring specific skill types it’s always nice to be able to swap out or re-specialize your skills on the fly and if you’d like to make your fighting style even more

dynamic you can always store grenades and other useful items on your Hotbar to supplement your skill loadout, even more, you’ll generally need to fight many enemies at once and some of your skills require you to hold down their assigned key in order to power them up or keep them rolling in a combo which usually feels good to do since those moves often have the most explosive effects it’s also neat that you can use a limited roll dodge ability to get out of harm’s way every few seconds similar to diablo 3 on consoles and some battles.

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absolutely require you to make good use of that ability each of the five base classes and their handful of subclasses bring something distinctive to the table that defines their playstyle For example the assassin can choose to subclass as the extremely stylish

demonic shadow hunter which stands out as one of the coolest melee classes available it’s deeply satisfying to activate her demonic form by consuming enough blood and then ripping and tearing through anything that gets in your way.

another favorite is the striker who slowly builds up a resource that he can unleash in powerful martial arts-inspired flourishes being able to lift entire groups of enemies into the air at once like this is just one of his excellent crowd control abilities meanwhile you have ranged classes like the gunslinger who can fire a barrage of bullets the sorceress who can reign destruction upon her foes but has little armor and health and plenty more the only failing here is that there’s no real reason for any of these classes to be gender locked.

why can’t you make a male bard or a female paladin?

that said it is quite cool that there is an account-wide roster level that means
starting a new class doesn’t feel like going all the way back to square one as
long as you remember to claim it you can skip the more drawn out parts of
leveling up an alt, however, fights do begin to stagnate once you’ve bashed

your way through swarms of enemies for a while since you can’t scale the difficulty manually unless you’re specifically fighting a boss with unique mechanics such as jogging it eventually.

after that first 10 hours through everything changes when you unlock your first ship and head out to the open seas from this point on you’re free to set sail and can go in basically any direction you’d like and no matter what course you set you’ll probably find something unexpected and cool you can discover unique and interesting places such as a remote library filled with talking books or a secret village hidden underfoot each of the 13 substantial continents has their own theme culture and environment and the impressive variety works well in Play Lost Ark  favor, more importantly, the story actually uses these unique settings show something interesting on screens such as the technocratic society of thirteen or the tropical tortoise island where you’ll need to shrink yourself down in order to communicate with its bitesized residents.

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