The Journey of PUBG First Release to Present Day


    PUBG first release to present story No game has been more prominent than Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, sometimes known as PUBG, in the recent years as the popular “battle royale” genre has experienced significant development. Probably everyone is aware of it at this point. 100 players board a plane, using a parachute to land on an island. At initially, empty handed, they struggled to acquire weapons, grenades, and other items for the express aim of surviving and eliminating their foes. And that’s when the conflict starts. People find this interesting when they consider how they may behave under similar situations. Eat or perish. The game popularised the battle royale mode. But how did it become so popular? Let’s discuss the success tale.

    PUBG was created by Brendan Greene. He travelled to Brazil to work as a photographer and web developer after being born in Ireland. He married his love while taking advantage of his opportunity in the South American country. But after two years, things came to an end, and he returned to Ireland. He started breaking into the video game industry on his own. At this time, DayZ: Battle Royale was modified to include the classic game Arma 2, which was a huge hit. Greene’s eyes had been opened, and Daybreak, a company that makes video games, recruited him. But he quickly abandoned that group.

    PUBG First Release Music Video Alen Walker

    A few months later, he boarded a flight for Seoul. Greene’s concepts and viewpoints on battle royale games had intrigued the brains behind South Korean Bluehole. Both PUBG and Bluehole were interested in hiring him as creative director. They began to develop the game in the middle of 2016 with the intention of releasing it within a year. On March 23, 2017, an early access release for Steam arrived, and despite a few problems, it quickly became a success. However, the programmers were not in the mood to deal with bugs. They concentrated on game testing. They even contracted out game testing companies to rigorously test and provide feedback on their beta copies.

    The game sold 50 million copies on PC and Xbox One in just one year. PUBG continues to stay at the top of Steam’s list of the most popular games, ahead of titles like Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Despite having fine stats, they nevertheless face difficulties. The game needed to run more smoothly, be compatible with other platforms, and, most importantly, go through a rigorous testing procedure. because they were aware of the value of game testing. It enables developers to not only find the issues but also get feedback on their work in general and gameplay experience.

    Battlegrounds infuses the game with drama and intensity. Regardless of any streamers’ particular skill level, the combination is what makes the game so entertaining to watch. You experience intense emotional moments throughout each game, such as the joy of discovering an AWM, the anxiety as outsiders approach the house, or the relief of winning a battle. In the end, it isn’t a spectator sport about winning or losing, but rather a string of dramatic situations, most of which are resolved with a shot from a gun or crossbow.



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