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    RPG Games Android welcome to 2022 right now mobile gaming is bigger than ever and we have more aaa titles coming from pc and console over to mobile devices it’s an exciting year ahead and I’m going to be sharing with you 5 of my favorite most exciting projects coming to mobile devices this year or ones that have just come out that you may have missed so let’s get into the top 5 mobile games 2022.


    Farlight 84

    Panda Atlanta

    this game is a battle royale-style mech action shooter brought to us by Lilith games I will personally love not only the gameplay but also the mechanics that this game has to be able to work together with your teammates as well as interact with the environment and dive inside of vehicles combine that with an artwork style that we don’t typically see on mobile devices as is the movement that you get to use inside of the game.

    RPG Games Android

    you’ll be able to power up through powerup stations inside as well as health up and honestly, this is just something that’s very different than we haven’t seen on mobile yet objective-based vehicle based high color high contrast high excitement with a lot of fun when far light 84 comes out.

    Diablo immortal

    Panda Atlanta

    Diablo Immortal is already a well-polished game with only a few things that need to be tweaked here and there six character classes are going to be coming with this game and you’re gonna have a ton of realms to be able to explore experiences.

    RPG Games Android


    this game is incredible if you want to play with friends it’s 100 free to play but of course like any free to play the game you can spend money inside the game the thing that I love about diablo mortal besides it being one of the best action RPGs of all time not even just on mobile. you can not pay for anything inside of the game and still completely enjoy the experience for hundreds of hours without feeling like you need to pay for things to be able to enjoy the game diablo immortal offers us so much.

    Rocket league sideswipe

    Panda Atlanta

    this is one of the most popular games on pc right now and in esports mind you and now it’s got a mobile vision titled rocket league Sideswipe the game is super easy to jump into and a ton of fun to play.

     Apex legends mobile

    Panda Atlanta

    one of the best battle royale games on pc and console now coming to mobile devices apex legends is one of them a game that I’ve been waiting for a very long time to make its way onto my favorite

    The platform which is mobile devices we’re gonna be seeing that happening in 2022 battle royale style with tons of different weapons that you can use and Gameplay.

    star wars hunters

    Panda Atlanta

    This is another battle style game where you’re going to be working in teams of three to complete objectives and to defeat others inside of the arena now there are a couple of reasons why I think this game will be successful one of those reasons is the arena battlers always tend to do well on mobile devices they’re quick gameplay that’s a ton of fun that you can get in and get out of on top of that we’re based in a star wars universe which already has a massive fan base and games that are in this universe the star wars one that is typically doing well whether it be on.

    LIST OF RPG Games Android

    Star Wars™: KOTOR
    Planescape: Torment: Enhanced EditionPAID

    Battle Chasers: NightwearPAID

    Evoland 2

    Cat Quest

    LIST OF Free RPG Games Android

    Nonstop Knight 2 – Action RPGFree
    RAID: Shadow LegendsFree
    Hero Tale – Idle RPG (Early Access)Free
    ANOTHER EDEN GlobalFree
    Genshin ImpactFree
    Albion OnlineFree


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