Scuf Ps5 Reflex Pro Wireless Controller Reviews


    Scuf ps5 reflex pro wireless controller reviews Scuf has been the name on any gamer’s mind when thinking of third-party, customizable controllers for over a decade. The controllers, with their unique paddles and customization, allow gamers to customize the most crucial aspect of their gaming experience while also boosting it for more hardcore play.

    Scuf has launched its new Reflex range of controllers for the PlayStation 5, which initially consisted of the standard Reflex and has since grown to include the Scuf Reflex Pro and Scuf Reflex FPS. By creating our own controller and trying out how this DualSense substitute performs, Panda Atlanta was able to get our hands on the Scuf Reflex Pro right from the start.

    Scuf’s customization UI makes creating a Reflex Pro controller easy and straightforward. Every component of the controller, including the material adorning the back and the left and right plastic rings that surround the joysticks, can be customized by the user. The primary components of the controller also come in a variety of colors, and they don’t have to match at all. Users can create the most absurd controller designs they can imagine, or they can simply attain a certain aesthetic if they have one in mind.

    Panda Atlanta

    Customizing the appearance of the controller is just one aspect of the Scuf experience, despite the fact that it is immensely enjoyable to get to build a design. Scuf controllers allow for a great deal of customization of the controller’s features as well. Users can decide whether they want long or short thumbsticks, as well as if they want a domed or concave thumbstick.

    Most significantly, the thumbsticks can be adjusted separately from one another to accommodate a larger range of play styles. Additionally, players can buy alternative sticks and experiment with all the configurations if they don’t like the thumbstick they chose for their Scuf Reflex Pro.

    To maintain a relatively recognizable feel for our Reflex Pro PS5 controller, we chose short domed thumbsticks. However, switching to long thumbsticks showed off their potential as well. Users will typically prefer short thumbsticks for general gaming and long thumbsticks for shooters or other games that can call for greater precision.

    In addition, our Reflex Pro included quick triggers rather than conventional ones. The immediate triggers are perfect for shooters or any game where the trigger is regarded more like a button, even if players will lose out on the functionality of the adaptive triggers. For instance, Elden Ring got a lot simpler after we could use powerful attacks more quickly. The one thing to keep in mind is that instant triggers make it practically impossible to use games with built-in adaptive trigger capabilities, such as Ratchet and Clank’s alternate fire modes for weapons.

    One of Scuf’s distinguishing design features is the Reflex Pro’s rear paddles, which are accessible and don’t feel heavy or awkward. The ability to dodge in Elden Ring or revive a teammate while moving in Destiny 2 is a big benefit that the paddles offer. The completely programmable paddles allow players to stay on the thumbsticks and avoid having to push a face button or utilize the D-Pad in any situation. Although they initially require some getting accustomed to, they eventually become so crucial to the controller experience that it is difficult to switch.

    Beyond that, the Reflex Pro still performs its original duties as a PS5 controller (or a PC controller via Bluetooth or USB). The paddles change the feel, yet it doesn’t seem weird or uncomfortable. Additionally, having a firmer grip on the controller’s backside is beneficial during long gaming sessions.

    Panda Atlanta

    Despite the Reflex Pro’s expensive $219.99 price tag, Scuf makes sure that customers get their money’s worth. Additionally, there is the $199 Reflex controller, which does away with the textured grip on the rear of the device. Personally, I think the grip is worthwhile for those who can afford it because it makes a noticeable difference. And the Scuf as a whole really embodies that. For those who can afford it, the Reflex Pro PS5 controller offers a totally configurable look, a completely customizable feel, and bells and whistles that end up being fundamental components of the console gaming experience. For PS5 owners, the Scuf Reflex Pro is a worthy addition to the controller roster and the real deal.



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