Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date Pc


    Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date Pc shadow warrior 3 there’s no variety in it either it’s super linear they don’t do any mixing up of the enemies like adding modifiers or even changing which enemies spawn in every arena they don’t do anything so your second playthrough will be laid out and presented precisely like the first which really takes away the desire to do multiple runs it’s not a bash on linear games.

    Shadow Warrior 3 Release Date Pc

    nothing wrong with linear games but to have a linear game that is also so short with no new game plus or any variety to the game’s layout just means that after that first five-hour playthrough you’re probably going to be done with the game.

    now all of that said the game itself is super fun to play and that’s actually why I’m so torn the combat and movement feel great you’re zipping around the map dashing and double jumping climbing on walls and using your grapple hook while blowing away these crazy looking demons uh in the smithereens with your arsenal of weapons you got a pistol a shotgun SMG grenade launcher a katana to slice enemies up that’s got like elemental effects there are finisher moves that once charge lets you instantly eliminate an enemy and then depending on the enemy type.


    you’ll get a buff or a weapon or some other useful item and all of it happens at this like super frantic unrelenting pace the moment-to-moment combat is really good it’s smooth it runs well it looks good I mean I enjoyed playing shadow warrior three there’s absolutely no question but like I said for all of the other reasons it’s kind of hard for me to recommend the game to most people who may want more than 5 hours out of a 50 game now this launched on March 1st.

    as of this recording reviews are already available taking a glance at some of them it seems like a lot of people more or less echo my general sentiment so I guess the bottom line is if you’re okay with a shorter experience doing one playthrough and probably being done then yes shadow warrior 3 is well made and it is fun I just think it’s important to know what you’re going to be getting for your money.



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