Spider Man Remastered Hidden Trophies


    Spider man remastered hidden trophies If you’re playing Spider-Man Remastered, you might want to complete every trophies and accomplishment. For your benefit, it’s mostly possible to meet all of the trophies in Spider-Man Remastered in a single playthrough. The Spider-Man Remastered achievements and awards are listed below.

    In Spider-Man Remastered, there are 78 trophies and accomplishments to complete. To make them easier to gather, they are divided into various sections. The base game, New Game+, every DLC pack, and the Remaster additions fall under these categories.

    So, listed below are all Spider Man Remastered Hidden Trophies.

    • Master of Masters – Defeat Taskmaster
    • Backpacker – Collect all Backpacks
    • Cat Prints – Track down Black Cat
    • Inner Sanctuary – Take down each Demon Warehouse
    • All the King’s Men – Take down each Fisk Hideout
    • Mercenary Tactics – Take down each Sable Outpost
    • Back in the Slammer – Take down each Prisoner at Camp
    • Neighborhood Watch – Complete all Faction Crimes in a district
    • A Suit For All Seasons – Purchase all Suits
    • Schooled – Complete all of the Corrupted Student missions
    Panda Atlanta

    Achievements And Trophies For Spider-Man Remastered

    • Seduced by the City – 100% Complete CTNS: The Heist
    • Screwy – Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges
    • The Cat Came Back – Complete “The Maria” mission
    • Here Kitty-Kitty – Complete the Black Cat chase
    • Bye Felicia – Complete the “Follow the Money” mission
    • The Long Con – Complete the “Like a Fiddle” mission
    • Disorganized Crime – Complete all Crimes in a district
    Panda Atlanta
    • The City is My Family – 100% complete CTNS: Turf Wars
    • Turning the Screw – Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges
    • Pulling the Trigger – Complete the “Blindsided” mission
    • Crossing the Thin Blue Line – Complete the “Lockup” mission
    • Steel Skull, Glass Jaw – Complete the “Bring the Hammer Down” mission
    • Prohibition – Take down each Hammerhead Front
    • The Gang War – Complete all Crimes in a district
    Panda Atlanta
    • The City Sleeps – 100% Complete CTNS: Silver Lining
    • Screwballed – Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges
    • Frenemies – Complete the “Old Friends” mission
    • Unplugged – Complete the Screwball chase
    • Terminated – Complete the “One Plus One Equals Win” mission
    • The Wages of War – Complete the “Aiding a Human” mission
    • Unacceptable – Complete the “Scales of Justice” mission
    • Grinding All the Way – Max out one Benchmark type
    • Full Arsenal – Max out all Gadgets
    • Master’s Education – Achieve Ultimate on a Taskmaster Challenge
    • So Many Hits… – Achieve a combo of 100
    • The Untouchable Spider-Man – Complete any Enemy Base without taking damage

    Overall, completing Spider-Man Remastered’s achievements and awards is not too difficult. You should be able to acquire them all in about 35 hours of gameplay, according to estimates. You’ll need to play through the game for closer to 70 hours if you want to unlock all of the DLC and NG+ trophies, though.



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