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    Star wars jedi survivor geforce now Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an action-adventure game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. The game takes place in the Star Wars universe, where players take on the role of Cal Kestis, a young Jedi Padawan who survived the events of Order 66. The game was released in November 2019 and has since become a favorite of Star Wars fans and gamers alike. Now, with GeForce NOW, players can experience the thrill of playing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order on any device, no matter where they are. In this article, we will explore the game’s highlights and why it is a must-play for survivors and fans alike.

    The Story of Cal Kestis

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    The game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis, is a former Padawan who survived Order 66, a directive issued by Emperor Palpatine to eliminate all Jedi. As a result, Cal must keep his Jedi abilities hidden while trying to survive in a galaxy that has turned against him. The game’s story follows Cal’s journey as he seeks to restore the Jedi Order and uncover the truth about his past. The game’s story is engaging and provides a unique perspective on the events following Revenge of the Sith.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order combines elements of exploration, platforming, and combat to create a thrilling gaming experience. Players must navigate through various environments, solve puzzles, and battle enemies to progress through the game. The game’s combat system is particularly noteworthy, as it combines fast-paced action with strategic decision-making. Players must use a variety of Jedi abilities to defeat enemies, and each encounter requires careful planning and execution.


    Graphics and Sound Design

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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order features stunning graphics and sound design that transport players into the Star Wars universe. The game’s environments are beautifully rendered, and the character models are highly detailed. The game’s sound design is equally impressive, with the iconic Star Wars music adding to the game’s immersive experience.

    GeForce NOW Compatibility

    GeForce NOW is a cloud gaming service that allows players to play their favorite games on any device, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets. With GeForce NOW, players can experience the thrill of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order without the need for a high-end gaming PC or console. The game runs smoothly on GeForce NOW, with no lag or stuttering, providing players with a seamless gaming experience.


    In conclusion, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is a must-play game for both survivors and fans of the Star Wars franchise. The game’s engaging story, challenging gameplay mechanics, and stunning graphics and sound design make it one of the best games in the franchise. With the addition of GeForce NOW, players can now experience the game on any device, no matter where they are. So, if you haven’t played Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order yet, now is the perfect time to jump in and experience the thrill of being a Jedi.

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