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    The King of Fighters Xii yes this is a very long-running series and it’s always been a very good series too this is the first one to use the unreal engine and this is a series that’s just going strong it seems to keep getting tighter and better their team-based gameplay is fantastic and the latest entry is a great example of it obviously this game is already out of course I recommend it it’s a great game worth every penny.

    when it comes to established fighting game series there aren’t many that touch the durability and tenure of the king of fighters xii pushing three full decades since the original’s launch the franchise has had its ups and downs throughout the years but it’s seen a bit of a turnaround with the launch of the king of fighters xii.

    in 2017 and 15 now almost five years later as it stands 15 doesn’t reinvent the wheel for the franchise nor does it offer any major new mechanics or features that will make anyone familiar with the series uneasy or uncomfortable but the upgrades to its presentation and refinement of its mechanics put it firmly back in.

    the conversation of top-tier fighting games even if its structure leaves a bit to be desired if you’ve played any of the most recent kings of fighters games particularly 15 you’ll be immediately at home and 15.

    Panda Atlanta

    from a gameplay perspective, the foundation is left primarily unchanged with only some minor tweaks fights occur between teams of three consisting of multiple rounds of one-on-one fighting the losing fighter of each round is eliminated and the match ends when a team has lost all three of its fighters you choose the order your team members fight in and there is some strategy to it though still not as much as I would like as your attacks connect you build a max meter first introduced in king of fighters xii.

    which carries over for each of your fighters you can accrue up to four bars of your max meter and you can use these for a variety of stronger and faster attacks if you activate your max meter as part of a special higher level attack you can perform flashier more devastating moves that are equal parts difficult to execute and fun to watch you can also utilize the new shatter strike mechanic.



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