The Quarry Game Achievements


The quarry game achievements, On the final day of summer camp, the Hackett’s Quarry adolescent counselors host a party to celebrate. No kids. No grownups. No rules.

The youngsters’ party preparations derail into an unpredictably terrifying night as they are pursued by blood-soaked locals and something much more terrible. Friendly remarks and flirting give way to life-or-death choices as relationships strengthen or fail under the pressure of impossible decisions.

Play as one of the nine camp counselors in a gripping cinematic drama where each choice creates a different chapter in your individual storyline from a maze of options. Any character has the potential to steal the show—or pass away before the sun rises.


Panda Atlanta

Will you have the guts to peek through that trap door? Will you look into the screams that are coming from the forest? Will you risk your life to save your friends or will you flee in fear? Who survives to tell the tale is shaped by every decision, no matter how little.


Panda Atlanta

The horrors of Hackett’s Quarry are brought to life in a heart-pounding, cinematic thrill trip thanks to cutting-edge facial capture and lighting methods, as well as outstanding performances by an iconic ensemble cast of Hollywood talent.


Panda Atlanta

Put your trust in up to 7 people when playing online, where invited players can watch along and cast their votes on important choices to shape the narrative as a whole. Or, participate in a party-themed couch co-op game where each player chooses a counsellor and manages their behaviour.

All gameplay components have varying degrees of difficulty, allowing players of any ability level to enjoy the terror. Additionally, Movie Mode enables you to enjoy The Quarry as a gripping movie thriller if you’d rather watch than play. Choose the course you want the tale to take, then sit back and enjoy some popcorn between the screams!

The Quarry Game Achievements

Supermassive Games, the studio behind Until Dawn, another interactive horror drama, has released The Quarry as its newest title. Since the story revolves around nine teens spending a night together where everything goes wrong, The Quarry is the logical continuation of that game. There is a list of every achievement in The Quarry if you’re the kind of player that likes to complete them all.

The Quarry Game 40 Xbox achievements and 41 PlayStation achievements

  • Prologue – Complete the Prologue
  • Chapter 1 – Complete the Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2 – Complete the Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3 – Complete the Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4 – Complete the Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5 – Complete the Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6 – Complete the Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7 – Complete the Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8 – Complete the Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9 – Complete the Chapter 9
  • Epilogue – Witness the Epilogue
  • Nick of Time – Take the fastest route to Nick
  • Nobody’s Fool – Jacob told Emma the truth
  • Lovers’ Quarrel – Kill Abi with Nick
  • Should’ve Gone to the Motel – Reunite Max and Laura
  • Above the Law – Make Travis and Laura work together
  • Mutually Assured – Make Travis and Laura kill each other
  • Just a Flesh Wound – Save a from infection
  • Phlebotomy – Take the bite of a werewolf
  • Bizzare yet Bonafide – Listen to the podcast
  • Reactionist – Activate 15 Interrupts
  • You’re Breathtaking – Pass 5 Don’t Breathe events
  • Decked Out – Find all Tarot cards
  • Forewarned is Forearmed – Read a Tarot
  • It’s All Coming Together – Find a matching clue
  • What’s This? – Collect your first clue
  • The Truth is Out There – Collect your first piece of evidence
  • Creature Feature – Start a movie mode playthrough
  • Last man Standing – Make Ryan survive alone
  • Family Matters – Kill all the Hacketts
  • Blood Pact – Infect every character
  • Peanut Butter Butterpops! – Never miss in a combat encounter
  • Hard Pass – Refuse Eliza’s help
  • Meddling Kids! – Collect all clues
  • Conspiracy Theorist – Collect all evidence
  • Rought Night – Keep everyone alive
  • Hackett’s Quarry Massacre – Kill everyone
  • The Final Girl – Make Kaitlyn survive the night alone
  • The White Wolf – Kill Silas

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