Things To Know About Crossfire Legion Game


Things To Know About Crossfire Legion A New Warfare Generation! The world is at odds with itself. The battle for ideological dominance between Black List and Global Risk is never-ending, but everything changes when a new side enters the fray.

On the proving grounds of a not-too-distant future planet ravaged by corporate strife, lead your personalized army to victory. The ultimate fast-paced real-time strategy game is Crossfire: Legion.

There is no time to waste

Things To Know About Crossfire Legion

Crossfire: Legion features something for everyone, whether you like a highly competitive experience or a somewhat more relaxed approach.

In the online vs modes, show off your skills by managing resources, consolidating a base, and sending your army to annihilate the adversaries. Prepare yourself since hesitation is your deadliest adversary on the battlefield.

Crossfire: Legion also includes a slew of fun multiplayer modes that will put your commander skills to the test, from strategist to tactician, and make you understand that not all enemies are bad guys.

Your Army, Your Triumph

Things To Know About Crossfire Legion
Things To Know About Crossfire Legion

Crossfire revolves around unit management and tactics. However, battle victory begins before the first shot is fired.

You have complete control over the formation of your army in Multiplayer. Choose one of three factions and personalize your roster by adding troops, infantry, vehicles, and air units to ensure victory.

All armies are led by a commander; pick one wisely because they offer particular commander powers to the battlefield that could just swing the tide in a pinch.

Campaign with a storyline

Things To Know About Crossfire Legion
Things To Know About Crossfire Legion

In the Crossfire universe, society is unraveling in the near future. As you come to know the key characters and ambitions of all three rival factions, fight atop skyscrapers, delve into a marsh, or penetrate well-protected military strongholds, the globe is yours to conquer in this narrative-driven game.

Designed for competitive use

Using a “season-based advancement mechanism,” climb the multiplayer leaderboards. Review your previous matches using the built-in replay feature to improve your tactics.

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