Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Armor | Weapons


    tiny tina’s wonderlands armor so the weapon we’re going to talk about today is the snowballing liquid cooling of nerves this is the legendary skullduggery pistol or the traditional cov pistol now its special ability is that when it gets critical hits it actually won’t overhit so if you land your shots you will never actually have to reload this weapon.

    it also does as well because we can now add our crit chance to the game for the first time in the wonderlands and in the borderlands series you’re able to actually not have this gun overheat anywhere near as much as it normally should do.

     now this gun can come in a single and times two but just bearing in mind if you have the times two you might actually chew through your ammo a lot now if you wanna get this weapon you’re gonna need to go to crack mast cove now this is an area that is about 75 the way through the story and you need to go and farm the obelisk here and kill the enemy.

    that spawns right at the very end and they can drop this weapon the higher the chaos and the more loot dice you have the better chance of this drop you can get overall it is a top-tier weapon only comes in cryo destroys enemies and you barely ever have to re

    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Armor



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