Tour De France Copenhagen 2022


    Tour de France Copenhagen The Tour de France is the most prestigious stage race in the world. Broken down into 21 stages, it attracts the best riders in the world. Depending on their individual specialty (flat, sprint, mountain, etc.) they will vie for stage wins and the honor of wearing distinctive jerseys.


    In Tour de France 2022, you can create your own cyclist in Pro Leader mode. Choose your profile (climber, sprinter, puncher, or versatile) and become a future winner of the Grande Boucle or a specialist of the great classics!

    Take control of a team in Pro Team mode! You start at the lowest levels and must prove yourself to receive invitations from organizers to high-profile races.
    Create your own tour with My Tour mode and the 92 stages available. Choose teams, rest days, and stages to build your own unique tour.

    Tour de France Copenhagen The rider’s Guide

    sprinters: riders with a very high turn of speed. They are able to win flat stages and aim for the green jersey.

    punchers: riders who are able to make sudden accelerations on a climb. However, they are unable to maintain the tempo for long periods of time. They like hilly stages. They may aim for the green jersey and/or polka-dot jersey, but their race strategy must be studied carefully so that they score points on the key stages.

    climbers: they excel on long climbs. Mountain stages are their hunting ground. They can aim for the polka-dot jersey as well as the yellow jersey (if they are good rouleurs).

    rouleurs: often called time-trial specialists – they can ride solo at high speed. They aim for time trials (preferably flat).


    fighters: these are riders who do not have one outstanding quality. They cannot compete against a specialist in any given domain.

    Their strategy is often to try and break away far from the finish and try to hold off the return of the peloton, or simply to take advantage of certain race conditions in the hope of a win.

    The status

    The objectives of the leader are to capitalize on the race strategy decided by the sports director and to win the race. They are the best riders in the team and save their strength for the key moments of a stage: the final sprint for the sprinters and the mountain passes for the climbers.

    Team-mates do their utmost to prevent their leader from wasting energy: they protect him from the wind, bring him feeds and chase down breakaways or dangerous riders. They can also break away to disrupt the strategies of rivals. They do their best to see that the race goes the way the sports director planned it. It may seem a menial task, but it’s vital.

    A winner

    It’s true that a rider must be on form if he wants to win the Tour or a stage, but it is not always the strongest who comes out on top. He must adapt his strategy as the race evolves, and he must be able to manage moments of both strength and weakness. To make their mark on a Tour, the great champions have always displayed cunning and intelligence, above and beyond their physical prowess, in order to foil the plans of their rivals.



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