verdansk 1984 loadouts for Warzone


    The Warzone 1984 was the first Vanguard gun available to play in a battle royale, albeit accidentally last October. It’s a handy weapon with a huge amount of potential in all aspects of the game, and the perfect accompaniment to your first foray onto Caldera. The STG44, like all Vanguard primary weapons, is unique in its ability to hold ten attachments, rather than the usual 5.


    So, the following are the two best verdansk 1984 loadouts for Warzone right now, complete with the extended attachment combinations and advice on how best to use them. It’s a nice, balanced gun with all manner of attachment combinations, so you can really deck it out to your heart’s content.

    First, we’re bringing out the MX Silencer. It’s basically like chucking a Monolithic Suppressor on your Grau 5.56. This muzzle takes you off your enemy’s radar and lets you fire to your heart’s content without alerting foes to your position, while also aiding your gun’s accuracy. If you want to go all-in on gun accuracy though, you can always pick the F8 Stabiliser.

    The barrel for this gun is a mouthful: the VDD 760MM 05B. It’s basically the longest barrel you can put on the STG, and it’ll help you enormously with your long-range accuracy and damage potential at the distances where your opponents are hopefully missing more shots than you.


    To finalize our range bonuses, here’s the underbarrel we’ll be using: the M1941 Hand Stop, and our optic of choice: the Zeiss G16 2.5x. The Hand Stops underbarrel grip is yet another accuracy-boosting attachment to stack onto the STG, and the optic offers the perfect amount of zoom to acquire targets at range and follow closer enemies without losing track of them.

    The Lengthened ammunition attachment is another vital part of the long-range kit on the STG: without it your bullet velocity will suffer enormously compared to other people running ranged loadouts.

    For your final few attachments, you have a bit of leeway. I enjoy the Stippled Grip for even further accuracy improvements and recoil control, but you can switch it for the Fabric Grip to boost mobility a tad. Proficiency-wise, Vital is a great one as it offers an increase to your headshot area making it far easier to get speedy kills with fewer shots at all ranges. That takes ages to unlock, though, so you might want to use Sleight of Hand until you get there. The Surplus kit is a nice one to have as it gives you more XP for kills, but if you’re feeling like something a bit more traditional, Fully Loaded works a treat.



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