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    Warframe lavos tennogen TennoGen is a group of user-generated content that has been chosen by Digital Extremes and put onto the Market. On consoles, certain contents can only be purchased with Platinum, and on PCs, they can only be acquired with the Steam client. The creator will then get 30% of the money earned from the Market, with the remaining 60% going to Digital Extremes.

    The Steam Workshop for The Warframe is a collection of user-created content on Steam where users may vote and discuss potential in-game additions. All creations must be submitted using Warframe TennoGen, the official Steam tool. TennoGen skins can be bought in the Market using standard currency through Steam.


    In this exhilarating, genre-defining third-person combat experience, you will face off against warring factions across a vast interplanetary system as you follow the instructions of the enigmatic Lotus, level up your Warframe, accumulate a destructive firepower arsenal, and reach your full potential across vast open worlds.


    You now have your Warframe, a bio-metal suit with limitless power. Release its abilities and use a wide variety of destructive weapons to quickly and easily wipe out hordes of adversaries. After the killing is done, you can instantly or gradually unlock 40+ distinct Warframes, each with their own set of abilities, allowing you to relive the chaos however you like.


    By forming a Squad with your friends and completing Missions in a very cooperative, co-op manner, you can win valuable extra Rewards. Use your Warframe’s abilities to fulfil your goals by healing friends, deflecting enemy fire, and healing yourself. Stuck with a certain problem? When you need a helping hand, it’s simple to get in touch with amiable Tenno thanks to in-game matching.

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    With the help of your Warframe‘s captivating parkour abilities, you can deftly navigate through ground-based Missions, or you can take to the stars in your very own customisable spaceship to participate in intense ship-to-ship fights. Discover a system alive with intriguing lifeforms, both friendly and dangerous, by getting lost in mysterious open-world settings.


    As you play through Warframe’s expansive cinematic storyline, which spans 5 different expansions and 30+ story-based Quests, behold the grand history of the Origin System. One of the three original Warframes will help you tap into your inner strength and give you a taste of invincibility before you go out on your quest, hone your talents, and look for the reason for your awakening.


    the start of The use of weapons is just the start. Create a variety of cars, companions, and other devastating weapons. Level them up and try different combinations of equipment until you find one that best suits your particular playstyle. Create a terrifying appearance for your armament to go with your uniquely created loadout.

    Panda Atlanta


    Joining legions of friendly Tenno in the Origin System entails blending in with their individual Warframes, Weapons, and gear. Designing the ideal appearance for your Warframe presents you and your Squad with a never-ending challenge thanks to the amazing variety of Customization options available to improve your Loadout.



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