Where to Find Zodiac Sand in Hades 2 – The Ultimate Guide


    Struggling to locate Zodiac Sand in Hades 2? Our comprehensive guide unravels the secrets of this elusive resource, detailing all the potential locations and strategies to efficiently gather it. Equip yourself with the ultimate knowledge to conquer this challenge and progress further in the game


    As players work their way through unlocking and upgrading the various items and Incantations in Hades 2, they will likely come across crafting materials they cannot locate in the game world. While certain materials are readily apparent in each region, many of those required for high-level upgrades and incantations seem shrouded in a fog of mystery. One such material is the ultra-rare Zodiac Sand – often labeled as Z Sandin Hades 2‘s many menus – crafting material.

    Hades 2: How To Survive On The Surface

    To survive the surface curse in Hades 2, you must unlock a special Incantation to circumvent the Fates.

    Zodiac Sand is one of Hades 2‘s rarest materials, currently only found in the deepest recesses of Tartarus. Yet, players will notice that many of the late-game incantations, as well as the final Arcana, require it in their recipes and unlock requirements. Because it can be so difficult to find, it can form a bottleneck, preventing players from acquiring high-level help. This guide will explain exactly what you need to do to get Zodiac Sand in Hades 2.

    Hades 2
    is currently in Early Access
    . This means that there may be changes to the game before the official 1.0 release. Should any change affect the content of this guide, it will be updated accordingly.

    How to Get Zodiac Sand in Hades 2


    Zodiac Sand, or Z Sand, is the reward for defeating Chronos, Hades 2‘s final boss. Upon completing Melinoë’s task, the Titan of Time will drop a single unit of the ultra-rare crafting material. Unfortunately, there is currently no known method for acquiring Z Sand any other way. However, given the nature of Hades 2 in Early Access, it may not be this way indefinitely. In Hades, many of the rarest materials were eventually available for sale at the Wretched Broker. Whether this comes to pass in the sequel, only time will tell.


    is an incredibly difficult boss, especially the first several times you encounter him. If you are struggling to handle the Titan of Time and his reinforcements, consider using Hades’
    Deep Dissent
    boon. It lowers the number of reinforcements during the entire fight by 50%. Hades can be found in Tartarus. Look for the same symbol that leads to other helpful encounters, like Arachne, Narcissus, and Echo.

    Where to Use Zodiac Sand in Hades 2

    Before vanquishing Chronos, you may have only come across Z Sand while looking at the Judgment Arcana card. This is currently the final Arcana, located in the bottom right-hand corner of the Altar of Ashes. This card requires 50 Ash and 1 Z Sand.

    Once players defeat Chronos, two new Incantations will become available, one of which requires Z Sand. These incantations will give players access to the Record Keeper and the Learned Sage, who help Melinoë keep track of her previous runs.

    Incantation Name Cauldron Requirements
    Summoning of Historic Travails

    These are currently the only known uses for Zodiac Dust. However, given the scope of Hades 2 in Early Access, it is hard to believe that there will not eventually be more on offer.



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